Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm In Love...

With a handbag. Oh my am I ever. Thanks to a lovely post at I was introduced to Gerard Darel. I had never heard of him (please forgive me, I am just now finding out about less well known designers) so I went in search to find out what his designs were like. I went to the official site, and at the opening there was a women walking in the street with 2 different purses. That was the moment I knew I had found The One.

My friends will tell you I love handbags. I figure handbags and shoes are the two things that will always fit me, and due to my love of the classics, never really go out of style. But in the previous years I would have gone for the cheaper version. It's the way I was raised. Why buy that one when you can buy 5 others for the same cost? But as I am cleaning out my closet, so many purses are getting donated to charity because I simply don't love them anymore. In fact, it was probably only like to begin with. Now, however, I have to have one of those bags. Knowing that waiting will make it that much sweeter when I finally get it. I'll be putting away a little bit of money every payday and I am planning on getting the bag after Christmas.

For many, waiting 2-3 months for something seems like a kind of hell. But imagine with me the wonder of having wanted something for so long, working for it, and earning it. Rather than simply wanting something, buying it, and then eventually forgetting about it, because it was so quick. I truly think that quality is better than quantity, and waiting makes the end results so much more satisflying. I am planning on getting the dark brown version of the bag.....but who knows, maybe next Spring I will get another one!


  1. I'm picky about handbags, and that is a good-looking bag!