Saturday, October 4, 2008

To Market I Go!

Well today is slightly grey and overcast. But that will not stop me from going to the market. Come rain or come shine I simply cannot keep away from the market in Bury St.Edmunds. All the fruit and vegetable stands. The guy with the free range eggs. The seafood stall with fresh mussels, salmon, even lobster lately. The people selling flowers. All of them a cacophony of voices, some shouting out their wares, others chattering with friends. And all on the square and side streets with bakeries, butchers, and even a place with locally made ice cream....yum!

My husband Garret and I love going. We went a couple of weeks ago and picked up such a variety and quantity of produce all for around 10 pounds, so less than 20 dollars. Part of that was 3 pounds each of tomatoes and pears, over 25 plums, 5 avocados (that were perfectly ripe), some cauliflower, little carrots with their greens, and two loaves of bread (one an onion ciabatta and one a campagne loaf---both organic). It's amazing. We went on Wednesday this week but the produce wasn't quite right, however the atmosphere in the middle of the week was great. A bunch of older couples leisurely strolling. We usually also take the time to go to a local restaurant and have coffee and sometimes a light lunch with a glass of wine. These days are always so therapeutic, so relaxing that no matter how your week went, you can't help but smile.

Currently I am trying to decide if a market bag is worth buying. It's from, and looks so quaint and traditional, that I of course want it for my market adventures. To me, as I once quoted to my Grandmama while gardening, the best part of doing anything is the accessories(in that instance I was justifying my large brimmed hat and beautiful gloves). What do the readers think?

I think the bag would come in handy, but it's hard to justify when I have re-usable totes. But it looks so chic, and almost invites you to fill it with produce, loaves of bread and a bunch of flowers.

I think the markets will be the one thing I will miss when we move back to the U.S. in a year. They are my little weekly revival, a time in which I can relax, sip on a citron presse, and really enjoy this life.


  1. Yes, do buy the market bag. I actually have three of them (one purchased from a wholesaler on rue des Archives). I bring them with me to the greenmarkets as well as the grocery store (and of course it works as a beach bag as well). You'll absolutely LOVE having one and wonder how you ever lived without it.

  2. Kalee,
    I thought I'd give it another try and the anonymous option is there.
    I adore my French Market Basket from
    I use it at the Farmer's Market and use my canvas totes at the regular market.
    I love it so much I bought one for my mother, as well. I alos have been known to use it at the beach.
    Kristi (from FC)

  3. I love what you said about accessories--I am learning to paint and am having such a wonderful time buying brushes, palettes, and palette knives, to say nothing of paints, pencils, and notebooks. I say buy the market bag--it will make you smile every time you use it.
    Josephine (from FC)