Friday, November 7, 2008


So this week has been completely crazy, a whirlwind really. Which, as it is one of Garret's long weeks for work, I am glad to be kept busy. But it has also given me plenty of time that while I am working with my hands my mind wanders. So a list of things I am contemplating.

1. Wow. I offered to do the cake for a baby shower, and the only cake I have ever decorated was for Garret, and it was all one icing color. So I am a little overwhelmed, but also excited to see what I can do. I just finished the mints (in 3 different colors) so all I have left is the cake. I am terrified and excited all at once!

2. I have an amazing mother-in-law. I hear stories about them being the enemy of married women, but frankly, while I will own up to having been driven nuts a couple times by things she has said or done, mainly I just adore her!

3. I really really need to clean. I have been so busy lately that I let things get messy, and it's driving me utterly nuts.

4. I wonder how so many women out there are able to have children and still maintain their own lives? It's a facet of having kids that terrifies me.....losing myself. I know that not everyone does, so I need to find women who have managed to find the balance to talk to.

It's going to be a crazy weekend! Next week I get Garret all to myself for 5 out of the 7 days, and so I will be taking that oppurtunity to shop for Christmas. We really want to find the home store we were told about last year and get some greenery for the house. We'll see. I will update once I have made the cake with pics!

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