Saturday, February 7, 2009

Athens, Greece

Getting these pics together is kind of a mini nightmare because for some reason the pics from Greece and Turkey got a bit mixed together......and there are a lot of ruins to confuse a girl!

The day started out a bit cloudy, a bit overcast with the sun drifting in slowly.

Up at the Parthenon there were olive trees aplenty. I should have started gathering them in my purse so I could put them in brine at home!

The Parthenon with the sun finally deciding to grace us with her pretty.

Here's the Acropolis.....we tried to bribe a guard to let us walk around in it.....damn loyal Greek men! Then we took some time walking around ruins down below and heading to a museum.

This was my favorite face on the trip! And the museum rocked because it had a payphone in a relatively quiet place so I could call Garret.....too bad he had to ask who I was! Jerk.

Here is the glory that is Baklava....we ate at a little restaurant in Athens called Platanos. It was recommended to us by a local because it is authentic homestyle food and the tourists do not really frequent it. It was delicious food, our wine was served in juice glasses, and in the end the owner walked us outside and helped us find the nearest subway stop.

We ran out of time and did not get espressos in Rome, which was something we had planned all along. So in Greece, we were not leaving without a Greek coffee. I think Nansi might hope we had, since it was an interesting experience. First, if you ever have a Greek coffee in Greece, and they ask if you want sugar....YOU WANT THE SUGAR! We had it, and wish they had added more. The coffee is gritty, and sludge like, and will have you bouncing off the walls in ways that eating a few coffee beans never could! I am convinced it is because each miniscule little cup of coffee contained enough coffee beans ground into it to provide for a small office to drink in a day. In the end, it was weird, slightly gross, but totally worth it....and I will be having it again when we go back! Here is a pic of the last bit of coffee that would have required a fork to eat.

The Acropolis lit up at night. We didn't have enough time to make it any closer, but it was stunning.

And that concludes our little photo trip to Greece. Next up is Izmir and Ephesus in Turkey. Surprisingly, it was like a little piece of heaven.

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