Friday, February 20, 2009


Okay, I haven't been able to come up with too terrible much to blog about lately. The weather has been blah......and I have just been tired. Am I the only one who gets tired and reflective when the skies are grey? As much as I love England, moving back in 6 months will be just soon enough....otherwise I would be investing in one of those odd lights that give you a version of sunlight so you don't go all weird from lack of sun.

Garret and I decided that we go out to eat too much. And since the people who run his class won't read this I can admit that at times we might have used dinner as an excuse to miss Mass. Probably because we don't enjoy the mass on base. However we are working on fixing that (a.k.a., finding a different church that doesn't have a stained glass version of the statue of liberty....which isn't our problem with the church, but it is mildly frightening, I should find a pic to show on here). So, as Ash Wednesday is this coming Wednesday, Garret and I decided that we would give up going out to eat for Lent. That means no more delectable croque monsieurs, no more steaming cups of espresso, and no more least none that we don't make ourselves.

And in grand fashion that means that we have been eating out like it's our last meal. Today alone we hit up Emily's for some soup, Chili's for chips and salsa, and then decided to get a salad for me and pasta for Garret (although we each brought at least half of our meal home, so we have lunch for tomorrow!), and then on the way back to base decided to run to our favorite Indian restaurant, not for food, but for amazing floater coffees (which if I manage to replicate I will take a pic). Tomorrow we are headed to the market to pic up veggies for soup, sundried tomatoes for sandwiches and pasta, and cheese, because I love Brie and Camembert. I recently acquired a lovely woven market bag, so I will be sure to take a ton of pics of the market and me with the bag. I will try to wear something cute for the camera!

Hope everyone is enjoying the variable weather around the world. For now, it's been cold here, but most days we have a couple hours of sunshiny-ness.

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