Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

I really wish I was in bed snoozing (sorry I didn't finish the rhyme, but I don't really snore, oh well). I woke up at 9 a.m. today when Garret was being a busy bee getting ready for work. I had crawled into bed at 3:30 this morning, and didn't get to sleep until about an hour later. And my poor husband woke up when I crawled into bed and put up with my incessant prattling on and demanding to play 20 questions (we do it almost every night in bed, and he loves it, so don't pity the pseudo-tortured soul). Usually on nights like that (which the last few days have been) I stay in bed until noon, when G calls me to wake me up.....or I answer his call, chit chat and then roll back into dream land until I get a random call from my mother at 1:30 in the afternoon as she is on her way to work back home and asks if she woke me, knowing full well by my groggy voice that she did. But today I got up. I checked my e-mail. And then I sat down to start diving into a new blog I have found (yes I know I am addicted, but really, I need a life......anyone want to run off to Paris with me?).

It's 11 a.m., I'm still up (which will shock the hell out of G when he calls in an hour or so), and I just ate some delicious soup. The weather is crappy, not surprising, I live in a part of England that shies away from any form of warm weather until at least May. But it's okay, really, because I don't work, so I can crawl into bed, read a good book, nap off an on, and still have plenty to ramble on about when the dear husband comes home at 10 p.m.

Right now I am loving life, I must say. The weather is crappy, yes, but most of next week I get G to myself to cuddle with, and let's face it, we are Olympic champions when it comes to cuddling. If you and your sweetie are looking for a good book, I highly recommend The Cuddle Sutra by Rob Grader.....yes, A MAN wrote it! And even better, he's straight, adores his wife, and the second part of the title is "An Unabashed Celebration of the Ultimate Intimacy." Seriously. We picked it up on a whim about a year ago and thought it was the cutest damn thing, it even resides in our bedside table. Our favorite position we discovered in the book is called the "68 1/2"'s easily the best cuddling position if you want to cuddle and chit chat. No, I did not get paid by this endorsement (although if the author or his publishers wanted to send me a copy of The Cheap Bastards Guide To The Good House And Home, I really wouldn't mind, I love decorating and whatnot for less!), I just simply love this book and it popped into my head randomly.

Anyways, as I was saying I got lucky, I married an elusive who actually like to cuddle more than me. I have a husband who thinks I am so fantastic that his idea of a good time is wrapping up around me on the sofa or bed and telling me how wonderful I am (so either I hit the jackpot or I have Beautiful Mind-esque delusions and he's a figment of my imagination). And as he has most of the week of next week I plan on doing a lot of cuddling and slow dancing in the kitchen. Okay, I'll quit bragging and move on.

I recently bought 2 packages of daffodils. I had never seen this phenomenon before moving to the UK, but you buy flowers that aren't open yet, take them home and they open for you. I bought 2 bundles of them not realizing I was buying 40 daffodils! But damn do they look pretty! And the best part, no they do not smell pretty like roses or hyacinth, but they do smell like spring....and right about now I will take what spring I can get. And see how pretty they look in the little jug we picked up somewhere?

So, I hope you enjoyed my Sunday ramblings. I leave you with a pic of why I was up so late last night and the night before.....I mean, when you go through 2 of these babies, you would be up too (particularly is the husband you drank them with made the pot last night, and ground the beans a bit too fine, so it was a little strong!).


  1. Daffodils, coffee and cuddling. Yes, I am a bit envious. Even the rain sounds lovely. Is it really raining or was it just for the snoring that you chose the title?;-)

  2. It ended up sprinkling a little bit....I am hoping to have one good day of rain next week (I usually prefer the sun) because I love curling up under a blanket and listening to music while the rain slides down the always seems like a moment.