Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Daily Norm Lately

So I figured since I had a fairly normal day I would expand on exactly what that consists of.....follow along if you can.

First we woke up at about 9:30 this morning.  Too early but my body was determined to not go back to sleep.  It was supposed to have a 60% chance of rain today and be cloudy, but damn if it wasn't bright blue skies with lots of clouds (that made it cool enough you needed to wear a jacket until the sun popped out again, then you were too hot).  

Watched the newest episodes of The Hills (not so exciting) and The Real Housewives of New York....yes I am a reality show junkie, what about it?  While watching, taught G how to make the tilapia and that is what we had for lunch.  Yay for 110 calories of yummy goodness.  Boo for the fact that in a mere 2 hours I was starving and peeling oranges like it was for pure survival.

Decided going outside to sit and bask in the sun while G picked up the yard and mowed was an excellent way to spend the late morning/early afternoon.   Then we rearranged the outdoor furniture/grill.  Must remember to take pics, because I think it will be the best set up for the next 3 months.  We put some chicken in the fridge to thaw and then headed out for some errands.

Off to the tea room where I popped in to ask Jacqui (the owner) if she is still planning on putting a cookbook out because I have tried a good half dozen scone recipes and haven't found one I love as much as hers.  Ironically she had just discussed the specifics with her solicitor.  Yay!  Then decided my craving was going to be detrimental to my health if I didn't immediately have a scone.  G ordered a deal that is a pot of tea and 2 scones and I ordered a pot of tea, and I ate about 2/3 of a scone.  Any more and it would have been too much, but perhaps that's because they are fluffy and I have a true love of clotted cream.  Eh.

Bounced around a couple shops.  Then headed to the library where we picked up a few dvds for what little free time we will have this weekend.  Came home and grilled a potato, while starting a movie and I made a sauce for our grilled chicken that consisted of goat's cheese, sour cream, onions, and sundried tomatoes.  It was amazing.  Dinner was half a plate of mixed lettuce and tomatoes (no dressing, since I was mixing food), grilled chicken breast with the sauce and half a baked potato with a smidge of butter.  Damn delicious if I do say so myself.

Finished a movie, then decided brownies sounded amazing.  Made some up (quite simple since you use one baking pan and one sauce pan on the stove that after you melt the butter everything else gets mixed in that pot) and then made the frosting up.  Anxiously awaited brownies to finish and cool.  Then we sat down for a game of scrabble (where I once again ruled supreme, whipping G's ass).  Brownies and good it should be illegal.  Talked about going for a walk but it's freaking cold outside at night lately.  Sat down to check my e-mail and write this and G has currently fallen asleep on the table. Great.  Poor boy, he has carried me around (literally) quite a bit today.

So I am thinking it's about time to get some sleep.  Hope everyone had a lovely Wednesday!  


  1. Your day sounds so great! I love it! and the sauce for dinner... sounds soooo tasty.

    Perfect day from beginning to end.

    Question: do you have a TV or do you watch shows online? I'm asking because I'm contemplating cutting my cable bill by keeping internet but getting rid of cable TV and the "i'm addicted to it" DVR.

  2. What a lovely day! It's nice to hear about your day-to-day activities, I don't think you have blogged about them before.

    Scones with jam and cream are a favourite of mine! In fact I had a High Tea yesterday for Easter Sunday, and the scones were amazing. I was willing to forgo my portion of the petit fours and other delicacies in order to have more scones! So lovely, especially with a good cup of tea, warm winter boots on and fun conversation!