Thursday, April 9, 2009


So last night I mentioned making a sauce to top our chicken breasts.  We had a bit left over so decided to put in on some tilapia we were baking for lunch.  Oh hell yes! What a fantastic idea!  It turned out amazing beyond belief.  The sauce didn't overpower the tilapia, and the sundried tomatoes complimented the fish perfectly.  

G made it all by himself and what he did was cover the fish with the sauce before baking, so it isn't as pretty as it would have been drizzled, but damn was it scrumptious!

We loved the meal so much that tomorrow night we are planning on having more tilapia (with it being Good Friday and all).  Just add a potato, and some salad and that is going to be simply to die for.   


  1. That looks amazing! I haven't been able to find that particular fish down here, but I am still planning to adapt that sauce onto another type as it sounds (and looks!) so yummy!


  2. MMMM - Tilapia! You two need to come over to my house! :)