Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Interesting Facts

Well, my fantastic readers, I think it's that time.  The time to not just be silent, but to post a comment.  I know, I know, there are always worries.  What do I say?  Will I just say what everyone else already has?  Will I sound silly?  Does she even care?

Say whatever you like.  An interesting fact about yourself?  A question you have, something you want to know?  No, you won't sound will totally make my day!  Which leads me to the most important part......I do care, I want to know about you!  One reader in particular who lives on another continent entirely (and not the one I was born on) and I have become friends because she piped up and I got to know how fantastic she is!

So, please, if you are a regular reader (and my site thingy tells me there are a lot of silent ones) or new here, leave a comment.  Tell me something about yourself, or how you found me.  What keeps you coming back?

My interesting fact?  I eat oranges in a way that it takes a good 15 minutes just to peel.  I literally peel all of the skin off and just eat the pulp.  Odd, but the skin bugs me.  

Oh, and another thing about fruit.... I do things the lazy way, and when I want a caramel apple, instead of melting the Milk Maids and dipping slices or what not, I take a bite of apple than a bite of a Milk Maid caramel and chomp away happy as a lark!


  1. Interesting question... how did you feel once you agreed to date your lovely husband (while he was still away)? Because I may have just done the exact same thing =/

  2. Erm... for clarification- not your husband. Another guy ;) Lol.

  3. Lol. Thanks for the clarification, I was a bit worried. :)

    When I first agreed to date him I was terrified. I thought a few times about backing out. But I also felt content. Like I was doing something I normally wouldn't, but what I normally did turned out so badly it had to be okay. And I was excited to see what would happen.

    I hope things work out as well for you!

  4. I found your blog through the French Chic group. A small fact about me is I work at a stressful job and I read/blog to reduce my stress and focus on the pretty things of life.

  5. I cant actually remember how I found your blog. But I love reading because its realistic and you say how life really is, without the fluffiness. Kinda like moi. :-)

  6. I found your blog on FC group. Like how you live chic, real, your cooking and outings. Just life.

    I think I found you through the FC site, but either way it was when you had just written your first post. I kept visiting back, because I thought "I could have written those exact words......this girl sounds like she likes the same things I do!"

    I enjoy reading how you are changing your life to incorporate more relaxed, stylish, enjoyable pastimes. I feel that I went through something similar (well, it's always a work in progress) when I was in the UK, so it's very interesting to read...

    Yours is the first blog I every commented on...ever!


  8. Madame Stephanie----I looooove your blog! I love French things and places, and every one of your posts is like a nice remembrance of why those things are so wonderful!

    Kiwi---another blog I love. I think it's always fun to see how different people live their lives, and the more honest they are about them the better!

    Ping--- I was so glad to find out who my reader in Thailand was! Thailand is on my list of places I desperately want to go, so I am a bit jealous you get to live in such a beautiful place!