Sunday, May 10, 2009

This Is How We Roll

Saturday was a fantastic day.  G had a comp day so off we went to Bury once he got off work that morning.  First, we ran and picked up a necklace for me.  It's a bunch of raw rubies and it's over the top beautiful!  The raw rubies are the color of fruit punch.  

Then we swung by Javelin to have them hold the leather jacket.  We bolted off to grab a light lunch at Cafe Rouge and to talk about it.  In the end, G looks fantastic in it, and wanted it very badly, so we went back and picked it up.  

Then last night we made some yummy sandwiches with cream cheese, smoked salmon, and English cucumbers.  We were pretty sleepy (we woke ourselves up to eat and go out, but had only slept about 5 hours), but we got dressed and headed out to the pub.  Now, last weekend at the pub was the guy who touched my stomach, so I figured nothing bad could happen this weekend, right?  Ahhh, that would be a dumb assumption.  

Neither of us were particularly feeling like drinking, so we picked up one pint of Strongbow to split and sat down on one of the leather couches.  Picture this:  flashing lights couple with a few black lights, leather couches, a ton of drunk people, and techno music.  The particular Brit variety of techno music where they take a perfectly good song and screw it up.  So we are sitting on this couch drinking and flirting with one another as we are wont to do.  Then two guys look over at us.  One looks mildly sober, and trying to discourage his friend from talking to us, but his friend shouts something anyways.  Turns out he was asking if we are going to after party.  He said this as if he knew us, so perhaps we have some Brit doppelgangers?

Next a decent song finally comes on, so we head to the dance floor.  Now I should probably preface this by stating that all night there has been a drunk guy in a striped sweater who was pretty much dancing by himself.  You know the type.  And as I am walking on to the dance floor, with G a few paces behind due to crowds, this dumbass decides to smack my ass/upper thigh with quite a bit of force.  I didn't see who did it, I assumed it was G being a smartass, so I turned, and that was when I saw Garret's face.  Fuming would best describe it.  His jaw tightened, his eyes narrowed, and I could see steam beginning to trickle out of his ears.  That's when I caught on, but grabbed him by the front of his shirt and walked him over to a wall and told him to let it go, to walk away.  It took a minute or so of repeating this mantra to convince him, but he spent the rest of the night keeping an eye on the a-hole.  

(here we are after G calmed down, I'm wearing my new necklace!)

So that was our evening.  Well, that and the men in bow ties.  Particularly the man in a bow tie kicking ass on the dance floor.  Never have I seen a man who I believe in real life probably is something like an accountant break out the dance moves uninhibitedly.  He was my hero, so I took a pic.  
And Happy Mother's Day to all the mamans.  My MIL reads this, so this particular shout out is to her, who finds our life fascinating enough that she enjoys keeping up with it!  I definitely hit the jackpot on the MIL thing!

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