Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shallow Break

Well, lately it's been a lot of deeper posts, and while it's been refreshing to finally get back to where I want to be as a blogger, I need a break.  I need time to breathe and just relax, because the past few weeks have been hell and even writing the story of G and me took way too much energy. 
So what have I been focusing on?  Glad you should ask.  Yesterday G and I took Princess Sophie (as she is lovingly called when she's being a good puppy) to the park in Thetford.  It's beautiful, with plenty of trees, a river with a large bridge over it, and plenty of water fowl.  Oh yes, they have ducks, but they also have geese and swans.  Swans that are the size of Sophie and could so kick her ass (and almost did, with one rearing back, flapping it's wings and hissing like a tomcat).  We walked around the town center, Sophie got to have us avoid a lot of other dogs, including a yappy little one who Sophie didn't even notice until the pipsqueak began a verbal attack on her character and Sophie barked back loudly once.  

Then it was off for coffee where we took in the beautiful sunshine and Sophie got to try the foam from my latte.  She loved it and sat close staring me down.  She also got to meet a family of goats while in the local walking trail/park area who watched her through the fence bleating at her.  Garret and I dropped the princess off at home and headed to Cambridge for Chili's where we sat and began putting together a game plan.  
Today was a lazy day.  We did coffee again.  It's kind of nice because the gentleman who works the place now begins making our coffees as soon as he sees us.  Which is unfortunate since at some point I am going to want something other than a latte, but for now it works, and his "see you tomorrow" puts a smile on my face.  We don't speak much of the same language, but we make small talk, and I enjoy these daily breaks.

But let's get down to business.  Most of you won't care, but bah, it's my blog, so I get to ramble about pointless crap shows.  First up is the Real Housewives of New York Reunion Part 1 and all I can say is whoa!  Who would have guessed at the beginning of the season that I would be on Team Luann.....I still love Jill and Bethenny, but damn, all the women are kinda crazy and bitchy now, but any woman whose husband asks for a divorce after 16 years of marriage in an e-mail and can still try and remain strong and work it out for her kids gets my vote.  Even if normally she makes me want to pull all my etiquette books off the shelf and chuck them at her.

Next we have Criminal Minds, which wasn't that damn exciting.  I've been disappointed with this season, finding it a tad boring and flat.  But next week my favorite character is gonna get hit with something anthrax-like, and he simply cannot die.  The actor is on my list of celebrities I hope my husband forgives me for if I ever meet them in person.  He's nerdy hot.

My next show of the day was Gossip Girl.  My poor husband.  He deals with my obsession with cheering on Chuck like no other.  And this week was a fun little prom episode.  Can I just say that I really want to find out the designer of Blair's dress.  It was stunningly fabulous.  It managed to be both show-stopping and demure.  But the best part was Chuck.  Because for the love of God I need the two of them to get it together.  It's sad to see a man so in love and trying to hide it because he thinks it's best for her.  Seriously.  And I am pretty sure if they don't Chuck is going to be screwed up for the rest of his life.  Little boy needs some love.

And finally there is Castle.  If you don't watch it, you should.  At first I thought there was no way in hell it would make it to a second season (and I am still waiting to hear if it will) because it was slightly cheesy.  But oh. my. God.  It's about a writer who gets involved with cases, and the whole cast is fantastic.  It's on ABC, and the season finale just aired, but I am sure they will air re-runs and the DVD set comes out this summer.  Get it, watch it, love it.  The season finale ended with Castle telling Detective Beckett he's found out something about her mother's murder (which happened a long time ago, and apparently the M.E. and detectives missed something then).  He's serious, and he's never serious.  In fact he's a egotistical ass, but that's why you will love him.  That and his quirky father moments with his 15 year old daughter (who is my second favorite character for the record).  

Okay, now that I've yapped about t.v. enough that most of you stopped reading a while back I will wrap this up.  Garret will be home in half an hour to do his work out, and I am thinking I might work out with him (although my push up count is embarrassing comparatively).  Or maybe I will just continue trying to catch up with Grey's Anatomy.  I know it's kinda sad, but we've switched to nights, so don't judge me.  

And yes, I've become that woman who talks about her dog like she's her child.  Because she is.  Deal with it.  I'll still talk about her that way once we have actual children.  We've already begun asking Sophie if she would like a little brother or a little sister.  Her answer, for the record, is whichever let's her lick their toes and doesn't pull her tail too hard.  Smart dog.

Also, if you have any questions, please e-mail me or comment.  If you've asked a question before and I didn't give enough info, please let me know.  I try, but if you want more information about anything, I will give it my best shot.  And if you know of any amazing blogs of people who live in the D.C. Baltimore are please let me know!  

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