Sunday, September 27, 2009

10 Things Few People Know About Me

1.  I have a birthmark/mole thing on my stomach that I've had all my life.  My mother and grandmother also have them in the same general spot on theirs.  I am wondering if perhaps it's one of those genetic birthmarks?  

2.  I have a thing for silk scarves, probably inherited from my Grandmama, but rarely wear them.  Probably because I'm 25 and there are only so many ways you can wear them in this country without looking like either an idiot or a Euro-snob.  I might be one or both, but I don't want to shout it from the rooftops.

3.  Bad grammar drives me batty.  But only when spoken.  If typed/written I (usually) don't notice or care.  But I have a friend, God love her, who makes me cringe on the inside when she speaks.

4.  I really don't like pale woods.  Oak makes me want to vomit.  It needs to either be dark or painted.  

5.  Sometimes I like to play pretend when G and I are out.  As in, perhaps, just maybe, act like a bigger bitch than I am.  Yesterday I was cracking G up by imitating Rachel Zoe (the fashion stylist) as we were shopping.  I even imitated her voice.  And I might have snapped my fingers at G.  And declared that I was bored, the clothes were boring, the people were boring, and to kindly shut it.  

6.  I'm not a literary snob.  I really wish I was.  But I will read pretty much anything you put in front of me.  I'm a sponge like that.  Hence the reason I have vast knowledge on things I couldn't give a damn about.  

7.  I've considered getting a job just for shopping money.  And G would support that.  I took one step onto American soil and I've adapted far better than I would have liked.  It pisses me off.  

8.  That being said, even when I have money I am tight fisted, don't like to part with it, and ALWAYS have buyer's remorse.  So getting the job would be useless except for saving a lot of money.  Which I would use to splurge on something big.  And immediately hate myself for it.

9.  I hold loyalty above most other traits.  I will take a bat to someone's head for you, and I expect the same.  So when a friend lets me down it really hits me hard and takes me forever to recoup.  And I hold grudges.  (but like to pretend I let go of things)

10.  My biggest regret about England was in the end I had an opportunity to sit for an artist, but with the move didn't take the time.  It was going to be cheap, provide artwork for our home (the artist only asked enough to provide the paper/charcoal/etc).  And I can say we got busy, but I also got terrified.  They were going to be nudes/partial nudes (like with sheets draped or a dress falling off my shoulders) and I chickened out.  


  1. I'm sorry you didn't sit for the artist. That would have been a really neat experience. But I like the exposure of this! Thanks for letting us all in a bit.