Sunday, October 11, 2009


G and I are closing on our house on Thursday morning.  It's going to be a whirlwind, we head to the house after closing to meet with ADT who will be installing a slightly upgraded security system.  Then Friday we will have the movers with our things from England coming and unloading.  Oooh, a weekend of unpacking and slowly making our house our home!  

But Thursday night it will be me, G and takeout (no pots, pans, plates or utensils).  We do have enough things to make some stovetop coffee, so I am sure that will be part of the plan.  But mainly, we'll hang out.  And the first thing we're placing in our home is this:

It's a stainless steel serving platter from the kitchen area of Target.  What are we doing with it?  Placing it in our fireplace, which is non-functional (the second story floor actually blocks the chimney, so it won't even affect our heating bill).  I figure this tray, and some white pillar candles are just what we need for our first night in our house!

Did I mention that G and I, who have never painted before, plan on maybe trying to paint a room this next weekend?  We're going to be new homeowners, and a tad bit giddy!


  1. A pretty idea for you fireplace. Take pictures, please. Main things to remember when you paint -protect the floor is probably number one. Also, if you don't tape along paint lines, be sure to have both dry and damp rags handy to wipe off mistakes as soon as they happen. Have fun!

  2. Oh I new home is such an exciting thing. Congrats to you both! You share all the progress on redecorating your home!

  3. I love the idea of pillar candles in the fireplace. It is going to look so romantic!