Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mirror Mirror

I feel like I am really slacking on this whole putting the house together thing.  However, after searching many stores, and some stores more than once, G and I finally found the mirrored tray from Target we had been searching for.  We had found it previously, but always either broken or with nicks in the glass.  While grocery shopping there the other day, we came across a tray (we are assuming maybe there was an extra in back, because they haven't had them for awhile) and we inspected it 3 or 4 times.  Turned out perfect, and it is now sitting on the tea trolley outside our bathroom, with perfumes and our cake topper on it.  I am still planning on painting the trolley (probably a high gloss white), but wanted to take a pic right this instance!  Eventually the tray will have our water carafe and glasses on it or we will be moving it downstairs to use as a bar in the living room.  In that case, the tray will go on a side table in our suite.

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