Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An Odd Idea

We're unpacking boxes, and I am coming up with some random things I had forgotten about (either because I haven't seen them in awhile or because I just don't use them anymore, so don't give them much thought).  And I was wondering, does anyone wear the scent Very Irresistible by Givenchy?  It used to be my scent, but I switched to Coco Mademoiselle (my husband says it's "me" and sniffs me.....he likes it a lot, and I agree it suits me now more than the Givenchy).  But I am one of those people who doesn't wait to use the old stuff up first (wasteful I know).  So I have half a bottle of Very Irresistible.  I can't really donate half a bottle anymore, and I was reading another blog and thought, hmm, perhaps one of my lovely female readers would like it?  (I keep my bottles is cool temps away from sunlight, so even scents I have had for years smell new, and this bottle isn't that old)

So, if this is your scent, or you just want to try it, let me know!  I will send it your way, free of cost, so just leave a comment with your e-mail.  First up gets it!  And there might be more of these giveaways soon, maybe a week of drawings, since Lord knows I have too much stuff!


  1. I would love it! My email is if you want to check in about details.

  2. Girl, I am having the same thing happening. Also I found a box from when we moved last year that hadn't been unpacked and I found my white leather hand bag that was a birthday gift from a great friend that I thought had been thrown away.