Friday, October 16, 2009

Second Night

Well, it's been a whirlwind!  Found out yesterday that we didn't have a phone line.  They were supposed to turn the phone on yesterday.  However, because the person didn't check the line before giving us a number and saying someone would come out to turn it on, they're doing all the work for free, saving us hundreds of dollars.  

And then today the project manager who was in charge of our home renovations noticed the water in the basement.  Had to call the plumber.  It also turned out to be something simple.  

The biggest adjustment has been the noises of the city.  For instance, I just had a firetruck with full lights and sirens go whirling past my house.  Good thing I'm a firefighter's daughter so it doesn't bug me, just makes me jump up and look out.  The rain here is loud.  That kept me up last night.  And I only ever got an hour of sleep at a time (no joke, I thought the clock was lying to me, and checked G's phone).  

But so far so good.  The furniture got moved in today.  One of the movers who was Russian  kept singing (quite beautifully actually) as he worked.  And he was cute.  So G has decided that perhaps he needs to speak with a Russian accent. :)

We have way too many things, especially kitchen items, and will get donating those once we've set the house up.  We met one of our next door neighbors, since she was home sick.  She saw the boxes getting moved in, so poked her head out to introduce herself.  I am definitely going to invite her over for coffee sometime.   

So here we are.  I have kitchen pans, but not sure where my utensils are.  We have saucers, but the plates are still buried in one of the boxes.  Oh, and grossness of the day?  The stupid Brit movers packed a grocery sack.....with 3 tomatoes in it.  Let's just say I nearly retched and leave it at that.  But otherwise it hasn't been too bad.  We've both had moments of buyer's remorse.  And this was never meant to be our forever home.  But we'll be trying to make it work in this city that everyone thinks we're crazy for living in!


  1. Girl everything will work out, just breathe and you will be ok. It takes time to get used to your new sleep place but you will. Cool that you are a firefighters daughter, I am a cops daughter.

  2. I keep telling myself to breathe. Hope your new place is working out!

    And G's dad is a retired Sgt. from our police force back home. It was nice for awhile, being the daughter-in-law with his last name so I could speed!