Tuesday, October 6, 2009


After that last venting post I feel like I need to post something cheerier.  And I had just the thing in mind!  

Does anyone else feel like their niece or nephew were put on this planet for only 2 reasons? One to have an excuse to make cutesy homemade toys and such as a trial run before making them for their own kids? (and boy do I have a list as long as my arm of things to make!)  And two, so they can huggle and snuggle them to death?  

Because my niece is quite possibly the cutest thing since puppies and kittens.  I told my brother that she was the cutest little girl in the world but would lose her title once we had one.  He got pissed.  Doesn't change that she'll be the second cutest little girl in the world, and that's a pretty big title!

I went home this summer hoping not to get attached, since I think her parents are morons.  But in the end, this beautiful little girl who looks so much like me with my brother's eyes (yes, his eyelashes are long enough to reach the stars, and that bright grey blue), well, she stole my heart.  So here I am MD, knowing she'll be at my parents house this weekend, and wishing I could go snuggle in with her.  Did I mention I like to tell her she's too pretty to cry?  Or that she attached herself to me like velcro the first time I met her?  

Her mother said she was eating food. She wasn"t a big fan of it, and kept making this face!

This is my beautiful Grandmama with Alayna.

She's the reason I know I will be a good maman someday.  Because I never imagined I could love someone so much, and she's not even mine.  So she has her Aunt Kalee who loves her..... fiercely and forever.  

My mother bought her this hat...it's a tad big.

And Aunt Kalee will be making her a dolly for Christmas.  She'll be turning one the beginning of January, and my brother and I are determined to make her a girly girl (her mother is somewhat of a....hmm, what's the polite term?  tom boy?).  So I bought some doll patterns, and have some free from online, and will be making her a doll or five, we'll see how the first one goes.  I also want to make her a little blanket or quilt.  

Here's the doll I will be making.  It's from BitOfWhimsyPrims off of Etsy.

Cute right?

Here's some other dolls I am considering making for her over time.  So many patterns online for dolls and softies, you just have to search for them.  I'm also planning on making her a bunch of soft blocks, which might make a nice Christmas gift as well!

A Red Riding Hood Doll from The Long Thread

A Nurse or Soldier Softie from Vintage Ric Rac.  I happen to think these are adorable, and you could definitely take this idea and run with it to create other softies.  

And one more....I love the Hungry Catepillar, so this softie from Craft Blog, with a copy of the book, would be a fantastic gift for her second birthday.  

I'm excited to do these for my niece, and it will be so fun for our future children to have these and many many more.  I'm working on my sewing, and we're saving for a sewing machine for me.  Someday maybe I'll even manage to make some clothing!  

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  1. Umm my sewing machine has become a love of my life. So you should definitely get one! And I don't think you're going to have any problems turning her into a girly girl. I held her at the show a couple weekends ago and all she wanted to do was play with my necklace and earrings. :) I told your dad he was in trouble- he was gonna have a girly girl granddaughter and he said I think that's the plan. It was funny. Those are all cute dolls. I can't wait to see the finished product! :)