Saturday, November 7, 2009

Perfect Weekend

SInce moving back to the US, and G starting a new job, we've been on a normal schedule of M-F with weekends off.  Couple that with the fact that he gets off an hour and a hafl early three days a week (including Friday) to work out, and our weekend is nice and long.  Today G is cutting down the tree in our backyard so that the privacy fence can be installed on Monday.  I thought while he was doing manual labor I would lie in bed and type up a list of what makes the perfect weekend for us:

* Waking up snuggled together.
* Lying in bed, being lazy bums for no less than 2 hours while we read news or watch a t.v. show.  Or talk, whatever we're in the mood for.  
* Get up and dance naked (or in underwear, whatever) to music like Beyonce, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, Joe Cocker, AfroCuban Music, Michael Buble, etc. (this was just the ones we danced to today)
* Breakfast in bed.  Or just coffee.  In the a.m. I'm not picky.
* Getting some sunshine in (if it's not a rainy weekend).  
* Baking something, anything.
* Church.
* Opening our windows to let the local church's gospel music flow in to get us up on Sundays.
* Reading good books.  It's one of the things I love about us is that we are both voracious readers, so we love curling up together, each of us reading a different book, pausing occasionally to chat or make out.
* More coffee or Earl Grey.
* Board games, particularly scrabble or checkers, since we get really (fake insults and all) competitive.
* A dirty martini while dressed in a cocktail dress.
* More dancing --- in the kitchen this time.  What do you think the hardwood floors were installed for?  To twirl of course!
* Dinner of good food, wine, and lots of laughing, with some stolen smooches.
* Crashing curled up in bed watching a favorite movie on the computer.  

I like my weekend productive and lazy.  I don't think they're a contradiction.  If I'm too busy I feel like the weekend rushes past and sets a bad precedent for my weekend.  If we just lie around it makes me feel overwhelmed during the week that we didn't get anything done.  We balance it.  We spend plenty of time just lying around chatting.  But we also complete a few tasks. (G is doing the tree now because of the daylight....I work better doing things in the house at night, since that's when I feel productive).  

How do you celebrate a weekend (or a break if you work weekends)?  Share!


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