Friday, January 22, 2010


I have so many things I am working on right now.  Between the review of me going back and forth with the company about ideas (I inspected their sites extensively to make sure I liked not only the products, but the actual companies' policies) and anxiously preparing a special presentation with a surprise for you all, plus the day to day of finally getting into decorating our home I have been overwhelmed with it all.  Don't think I'm asking for pity, I thrive on being busy and am loving every minute of it.  I'm beginning to feel the way I did before getting married, because I am one of those people who truly loves to have to schedule things from being swamped.  It's my idea of a good time!

That being said I didn't get to bed until 9 this morning.  And I slept in until a glorious 3:30 in the afternoon.  The puppies curled up with me (something I am going to have to break because damn if Sophie doesn't shed her black hairs all over my white bedding.....hence my interest in the dog beds of late) and it was cozy and relaxing.  I woke up, I got a text from G that I had quite a bit of mail, including something I was already so excited about.

Stephanie of Bonjour Madame does a drawing for an atomizer of perfume regularly.  This last time I entered as the number 25, which is a lucky number in our home, and I thought, "Wouldn't it be cool if I won?"  Well I did!  I danced around the kitchen like a little girl I was so excited.  I had asked for the atomizer to be filled with Chanel no 5 Eau Premiere and when I opened up the package it was all wrapped so beautifully!  

(Don't you love the pale pink with the Chanel ribbon?)

Inside I saw that it appeared a bit lumpier than it should and was literally squealing with delight when I realized why!  Inside, along with the atomizer was a little pouch with 6 samples of different perfumes, including 2 Hermes ones that I am very excited to try!  It also had a mini Sephora lip gloss in a beautiful ruby-esque shade.  I've already tried it, and I love the sheer warmth of it!  And then there was a bottle of Chanel nail colour in Ballerina!  I've wanted to try this shade for a long time, but pale pinks can be iffy on my Irish skin tone.  But I put some on and the color was perfection!  Absolute perfection!  

I am so grateful, as this was just what my day needed.  The perfect little pick me up to an otherwise drab day (did I mention it's sleeting?).  So thank you, Stephanie!  I hope to some day be able to do giveaways as generously and beautifully as you!


  1. You are welcome! It was a fun package to put together for you :)

  2. That's super awesome Kalee!! Congrats!