Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I was contacted a while back about possibly doing a review for CSN.  I took a look around their products and found something that would work perfectly to mesh our home's vintage/modern look, and that will be coming up next week.  While looking around at their stores I was very pleased to find pretty much anything I searched for.  First I searched for bar stool because we have the awkward island in our kitchen that has plenty of room for stools, but no granite overhang (and since I'm always in my kitchen it's one of the first rooms I am really focusing on fixing up how I want).  I found these and thought they might blend in easily, but still be a nice place for guests to sit and chat while drinking wine with me in the kitchen (because that is what the kitchen is for, right?).  

I'm not getting paid to brag about how many items this company has.  Yes, I will be reviewing something for them (and I will also review their service, packaging, etc, because that's how I roll) but I am an honest reviewer (as seen with the teflon debacle).  If the product or the company are less than great, I will be the first to tell you.  I'm hoping their service is great, and what interested me in doing the review in the first place was that this company's big site  allmodern.com had so many designers and items I had been looking at and at great prices.  I love Thomas Paul and DwellStudio and they have a ton of items from these companies (making ordering easy since I can do it all in one spot!).  I'm even looking at an Eames Rocker (I know, I've apparently gone to the dark side and like some "trendy" items) and they have quite a bit of Eames furniture.  And I have to say, G really fell in love with these beeswax lightbulb candles.  

Continuing to look around I found that CSN (the company) has (200+) stores like justwoolrugs.com where I found so many wool rugs I loved I considered changing the look of our home to a turkish theme and having rugs everywhere!  I found one that is black with red/peach/pink roses on it and I thought I had died and gone to girly heaven (still trying to figure out how to put a rosy rug in what will eventually be a very manly suite....hmmm).  CSN also has a store simplydogbeds.com that has this Harry Barker toile bed that I immediately imagined the 2 dogs crashing on, all lady like in their pouty-ness!  

CSN has so many stores, and I spent hours looking at them (hey G sleeps more than me, and it was a "quiet activity" so I wouldn't bother him).  They have a lot that ships for free, they ship to Canada, and they have competitive pricing.  If you've seen it elsewhere let them know, because they want your business!  When I saw that I was sold.  Because let's face it, one place is never going to always have the best price, but an online store that will price match?  That's unusual, and enough for me to give them a chance.  So please look for my review next week, I'm excited more than you can know!  (I'm actually planning on working my butt off this weekend to get a piece of furniture ready for photos.....yes, I am THAT excited!)

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  1. I have FINALLY gotten around to looking into and getting some beeswax candles after your recommended them back in this post! I really liked those candles you linked too, but found some great ones in Australia - including this reverse light bulb one from Queen B that when it burns, it burns into the bulb and creates a wax pool cup in there! Love it!



    PS sorry for the late comment - but thought it was more appropriate to put it here than randomly in the later posts....