Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

The snow here is getting out of hand ridiculous.  It's now illegal for anything other than emergency vehicles to be on the roads, and the police are riding with the National Guard in the humvees.  To say we've got snow is an understatement, but the wind is causing so many of the problems.  So G's graduation scheduled for next week will have to be postponed, since he's most likely not going to have snow at all this week (even if they go back in session on Friday, we may not be allowed to leave the house.....and they're calling for more snow on Monday!).

So what to do?  Well, if you're in our house the answer is eat beef stew, drink so much tea you might as well buy stock in Twinings, catch G up on True Blood (we've now gotten through the first season and are onto the second) and finish the dolls I was supposed to have finished by Christmas for my niece.  I can admit I am a procrastinator extraordinaire!  However, I will share with you real quick what I made for my maman for her Birthday (it's a few days after Christmas).  I mentioned a while back being inspired by some etsy things.  And oh am I!  I saw this pillow here:
Image from PillowPalooza

The pillow is quite nice, but my mother is not the pillow type.  I love the phrase Queen of Quite A fact my hairpins from my wedding (my hairdresser is superstitious and told me G had to be the one to take my hair down, and to keep the pins) are in a tin with this phrase.   So I decided to make a framed art piece for her office wall!  I hand drew everything, drawing inspiration from the pillow, but not using hers as an exact pattern.  I happened to have some honeycomb looking fabric, and found the frame at a thrift store.  (My mother is not a huge fan of gold frames, but I offered to paint it any color she wished and she turned me down).  Some purple felt, a lot of painstakingly careful cutting and glueing, and I had this:
I quite like it, and my mother was really pleased!  I offered to make her one with a giraffe print if she didn't like this one (quite honestly I thought of keeping it for myself!  It looked so good in our living room!), but she said she really liked this one.  Eh.  I kept the letters that I used, so perhaps I will be making one for myself sometimes soon...


  1. I love it. There is nothing quite like creating something yourself and completing the whole process from start to finish - especially when it turns out like you hoped it would! or even better!

  2. Good job Kalee! This looks like something your mom would love! Haha. Hope you guys are doing ok with all the snow!