Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Big Brand Natural Part 2

So yesterday I went over some cleaning supplies that we use here in our house.  I loved the feedback, please keep it coming.  I have never used Mrs. Meyer's (being overseas the last couple years limited what I could get my hands on!) but will have to try some of their products out.  Also, thanks for the recommendations of Shaklee.  I hadn't really heard of them, and now want to try them!  Perhaps in a couple months I will have to do an update from this week after all your fantastic suggestions have been tried out?

Today I wanted to touch briefly on the natural body care products that are mainstream.  I will start off with saying that we use a lot of Alba, and supplement with Burt's Bees and J.A.S.O.N.  I say we, because here's a little secret......we share nearly everything!  When I search for body care products I try and make sure they are neutrally scented (fruits and herbs for shampoo rather than floral scents).  I know some people do the same and others think it's odd.  And we don't share everything, we each have our own moisturizers, but hell, I quit using my own razor years ago.  The men's razors are made to get a very close shave, so his works best for me.  Some men would mind this, G could care less.  So here are the main things we use in this household:

Alba Shampoo and Conditioner:  The shampoo is their honeydew scent, and I love smelling G after he uses this.  Light scent, clean, and it doesn't stick with you all day causing you to smell like a fruit basket! Our conditioner is the mango scent, mainly for me, and I love it.

Nature's Gate Pomegranate Sunflower Body Wash:  I love the pump, makes it easy to use.  Smells like a fruity soap, no different from anything at say, Bath and Body Works, just less chemically.  The first time G used this (a couple weeks ago) he came out saying how much he liked it.  \

Burt's Bees:  Lip Moisturizer....everyone knows this one, it's great.  Apricot Oil, I've talked about it before, it's the moisturizer I use on my face and it works phenomenally.  I also have the honey and shew body butter and my only complaint is that it is strongly scented so I only put it on before bed.  

Alba Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion:  I love how this is easy to rub in.  Oh, and you will smell like chocolate, fair warning.  The men in your life (and who knows, maybe the women too) will seriously discuss eating you, you will smell so much like chocolate.  Love it!

J.A.S.O.N.  Tea Tree Deodorant:  G and I both use this and love it.  No anti perspirant, but at most just reapply later in the day.  We've been shocked by how we don't smell.  Fantastic!

Okay, I might have more, but need to run G to class.  The post will be up this evening about things you already have in your home, so look out!


  1. Thanks for the reviews. I've always wondered about some of these so I'm glad to hear from someone who has tried them.

  2. We do that too - share everything except face wash/lotion because of skin type differences. It's a great idea!