Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oh Holy Snow!

We got feet (yes, feet!) of beautiful, gorgeous snow!  It's days like this that make a girl happy!  So far we've snuggled up and watched Vampire Diaries because I am desperately trying to get G into it with me, so I will feel a little less silly loving a show that is marketed for teenagers.  And later we're cooking in the kitchen, and a blog post is going to go up with a recipe because simple, natural foods rock!

Hint:  We're taking this:

And making a whole new meal!  (and making a scrumptious dessert as well!)

*EDIT* G just saw a National Guard HumVee go rolling down our street.  It's bad here, we've just been lucky.


  1. Love me some Vampire Diaries! You are not alone!

  2. The snow is beautiful! I just don't like having to drive in it. And I haven't ever seen that show? Is it good? I've been having ample TV show time since I still don't have a job. Lol. Watching TV shows on my computer works out perfectly as I knit and do my other crafts!