Monday, March 29, 2010

I Have Options

After brunch yesterday we headed to our favorite diner for some coffee and to keep the laughs rolling.  We sat chatting.  At one point I joked with a couple of people who work there about a guy who came in and blew $400 on KENO (some sort of gambling I don't quite understand).  I said something along the lines of I needed someone like that and they shot back that no, I didn't, the guy lost completely.  An older gentleman in the booth behind me responded that of course I didn't, I had true love (referring to G who was out of the room at the time).  I had to laugh.  This man was a character, flirtatious and he wore a hat (something I dream of G doing someday when we're old).  It was a bit like an older Dick Tracy, which was appropriate because he's an investigator (I was handed in card, just in case).
The best part of the night was when he told our waitress that G's initials were L.D.  As in, lucky dog.  He went on to say that he was a lucky dog because he had a beautiful woman like me on his arm.  "Just look at those dimples."  I smiled (okay, preened), and G laughed.  I told him to watch out, I have options!