Thursday, March 4, 2010

If I Ever Lose My Optimism...

I can count on my maman keeping it up for me!

Yesterday on the phone with her:

Take One: 
Her-- "So, how are things?  Are things better? Or is it too soon to tell?"  
Me-- "Maman, it's been 2 days, that's a little too soon to tell, yes."
Her-- "It's actually been 3 days, today is the 3rd."
Oh Vey!

Take Two:
She is at the store back home.  I'm trying to chat with her about the print I found and in the middle of it all she goes into:
"Hey, they have these really great ovulation predictor things that are supposed to be really accurate."
Me-- "You really can't be dissuaded can you?"  (or perhaps I just thought it as I gave a deep sigh worthy of a teenager!)

My maman, I have to love her, she cracks me up!  Mind you we were arguing about what she wants my niece to call her the night before because I thought the name she wanted was stupid and told her my kids wouldn't be calling her that.  She asked what I wanted her to be called.  My response? (the horror!) "Grandma".  You would have thought I had told her she was a few years away from a nursing home.  She insisted she wasn't old and that Grandma made her feel old.  G and mine's response?  

"Okay, we'll have our kids call you 'Grandmother'!"  (G throwing his two cents in that they would even use a stiff Brit accent.)


  1. Funny! I'm a Grandma and yes, I think I am too young to be one, and I think it sounds old, but those little ones just melt your heart that you really don't mind what they call you!

  2. My mother went through this too....she was really excited when she read that Goldie Hawn is called "Glam-ma" (as in "Glamourous Grandmother") and kept telling all these stories about how kids today get confused when asked to identify the grandmother in picture books - as grandmothers no longer look like the sterotypical little old grey headed ladies in pastel colours with kniting that story books often paint them as!

    My mother also consulted with all the other in-laws in our family to check she wouldn't be 'doubling up'
    on a grandparent some cases well before anyone in that family had kids and this issue had even been thought of!


  3. My mom is like that too! She decided to be "Nana" when the first grandkid was born because she didn't want to be Grandma (fill in her last name here) because she and my Dad's Mom have never gotten along (My grandma on that side is NOT a kind person, especially to my Mom)and because she thought it sounded so old.

    I thought it was weird at first, but now I kind of like it. We have Nana and Grandpa for my parents, then my husband's parents are Papa and Grandma. So we never have to specify which grandparents we are talking about, it's kind of handy! Of course my daughter calls my mom "Nanie" which cracks me up... sometimes you just don't get to pick!!