Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mixing It Up

Tonight we made quiche, but instead of just the bacon, onion and gruyere cheese, I decided to add asparagus as well.  I made a sunburst pattern in the bottom of the quiche with the asparagus, but sadly did not get a photo of it.  Then I chopped up pieces of asparagus (which we roasted beforehand to insure they cooked through) and mixed it up with the cheese, bacon and onion mixture.  
Turned out amazing, I'm going to have to try and think of other things to add throughout the spring and summer!
(G pulled it from the oven and snapped a pic!)


  1. That looks fab and sure will taste it too!!!! I need to work on my crust.

  2. Bobbi--Some portobello mushrooms would do amazing with the asparagus, will have to try that next time! Since we eat this cold more often than not I am unsure about the tomatoes, but the chopped spinach would be awesome! Thanks for the suggestions!

    Ping-- It tasted divine! If you need a simple crust recipe feel free to e-mail me. I don't share it often, but the people I've given it to have said it worked out fantastically.

  3. I would love the crust recipe too if it's ok! I have had such difficulties finding a nice light one that I usually make a "no pastry quiche" which is lighter and lovely, but I would love to have a good crust recipe to try!!