Thursday, March 4, 2010

On The Bright Side

So, after the last couple of posts I felt drained, and let's face it, I needed to recuperate.  In the middle of all this my Grandmama has been recently diagnosed with a form of Parkinson's.  Her response?  "At 82 years old it's about damn time something was wrong with me!"  I love her more than pretty much anyone (sorry G) and am constantly amazed by her.  She was admitted to the hospital yesterday for some testing, but I'm optimistic that they will find a medicine to make her better (they apparently have a billion different ones they can try).  So I slept a lot, was all around lazy, and then thought, "What the hell am I doing?"  I needed a mini pity party and now I've steeled myself for the fight of my life.  

I put on my grown-up hat and decided to stay positive.  G bought me my flowers for March, a pot of yellow tulips that just make me smile when I see them.  And the best part is they should re-bloom next year!  (along with the hyacinth he got me for February).  
Today I got dressed up for coffee, taking a bit of time to choose my outfit.  I even curled my hair because G loves it wavy or curled.  

Boots:  Kenneth Cole
Tights:  Ann Klein I think, from TJMax
Dress:  Old Navy
Cardigan:  Ann Taylor Loft (thrifted, more on that later!)
Headband:  Ann Taylor Loft
Puppy:  Audrey who is in desperate need of a trip to the groomer!

And after we hit up a nearby thrift store and I found a framed print by Tarkay.  He's a living artist who I fell in love with on our honeymoon.  I love how vibrant the colors are in his work.  You can't beat my $5 deal.  We've been able to buy frames and artwork (including a few paintings) for very cheap by checking frequently at the thrift stores we love.  
This blog is about the chic life I try and live, and so even in the middle of what feels like my world falling down around me I am going to persevere and live it up.  Being chic means keeping your head held high even as you walk through an amazing pair of shoes of course!  


  1. 1. The headband is so cute!
    2. Have I not seen Audrey before? I don't remember seeing her. She is adorable,even without a trip to the groomers.
    3. Fantastic print. And, it looks so good in that frame.
    4.Keep walking chicly!

  2. Love your outlook on life. Also, love your outfit! So cutely chic!! Audrey probably doesn't care about a groom, she has you guys. Makes me want to have a dog.
    This what I miss about America thrift shops. Although, I'm sure there's lots of it here but haven't seen one.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your Grandma. Though her perspective is brilliant! And I am glad to hear there are promising treatments, I hope they go well.

  4. What a sassy Grannie. I love the tuplips they are so bright.