Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vintage Leather

I found this handbag the other day and loved it's ladylike structure.  And when I opened it a whiff of it came floating out and I nearly broke down in tears.  It smells like my grandmama, as I would go through her closets, slip through old dresses.  Funny how smell can bring back so much.  G insisted I get it, and I cannot wait to show it to my grandmama next time we are home.  She out of the nursing home (she was on the rehabilitation side for a bit) and back at my parents doing better than ever.  I talked to her the other night and was so happy to hear her sound more like her old self, less tired and defeated.  She is my most favorite person in the whole wide world, and I was more worried than I let on.  
The front pocket is lined in buttery suede.

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