Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I am not a good military wife.  I will be the first to admit I never wanted this life.  That I always said I would never marry a military guy.  And I screamed till the cows came home when my then best friend G talked about enlisting.  

Then I fell in love with him, and I figured, hey, why not?  Live in England for a bit, travel the world.  Only I should have gone with my gut instinct.  This life is not for me.  I like to travel, but I like a place called home.  I'm an artistic, passionate sort and detest "I bleed blue" airmen who tell you that you shouldn't have a wife and kids because they are a distraction.  And more than anything I am extremely defensive of G.  Extremely.  

His first sgt. at work is a jerk with a capital A (if you get my meaning).  G made the mistake of not ironing/starching his uniform one day and it's been hell since.  He's been verbally attacked by someone who is above him but doesn't work with him, so therefore knows nothing about G except that he apparently doesn't eat, sleep the Air Force.  G has the old uniform, because the new ones aren't required and with the boots alone costing over $100 he was hoping to put it off (they're not required until fall of 2011).  But because he was harassed about them (the new ones are not supposed to be ironed, so they always look wrinkly, but the old ones can be, and are expected to be crisp) we have ordered a set.  They're on back order.  We ordered them over a month ago.  Of course.  

Well today he was told he just needs to go buy another set while the ones we've ordered are being finished (they're supposed to be here the end of next week).  Um, no.  No we will not spend another $250 on a uniform that isn't even required.  But if the harassment doesn't stop, we will file a complaint.  Because we've already ordered ones that aren't required we're not buying a whole other set (which by the way, they don't even have all the components on base.....they've been out for months).  

G is re-enlisting for another 4 years.  He always thought he would make it a career.  Not anymore.  Not when he can do the same job with another company making double what he makes now (including housing) and have flexible scheduling and grow his hair out.  He will be spending the next 4 years finishing up his degree and hopefully his masters.  And maybe, if things change he'll decide he does want to make a career of it.  But he's disillusioned right now.  Quiet G who keeps to himself and enjoys hard work.  Is it wrong that I'm kinda hoping we're out in 5 years?  Because I'm tired of being angry because he can't be outwardly.  


  1. Oh that would be so frustrating. I can tell you right now that it would not be the life for me either. Hope this situation resolves soon for G!

  2. That is horrible I can't believe he hasn't already complained. Also his high uppers might get relocated and then he might get an awesome leader. I also hate the ones who think a life outside the military is bad.