Saturday, April 3, 2010


Tonight was the first night since we moved here in October that I walked into my house and thought, "This feels like home."  And suddenly it did.  It was homey, and things are starting to go where they need to, and my heart was full to bursting.  

Now I'm off to start prepping for dinner tomorrow.  Curious as to what we're having?

First Course:  Prosciutto and Goat's Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms & Roasted Asparagus

Second Course:  Shornakhod, Homemade Pitas and Hummus, & Couscous

Third Course:  Baby Greens with Roasted Chicken and Carmelized Onions & Deviled Eggs

Dessert:  Coffee with Birthday Cake

*still looking for my carrot salad recipe to try!

What is everyone having for their Easter dinner?  Anyone have any amazing Passover meals to share?  


  1. We are having a birthday dinner of Parm Chicken, Salad, and Dessert I hope. Casey is making me dinner.

  2. I had my parents and family over, so it was a big Easter lunch:

    Entree: grilled halomi cheese and hot smoked trout warm salad with crumbly blue cheese

    Main: roast rack of lamb with a herb crust, new potatoes with sour cream and chives and some roasted garlic, pumpkin, parsnips, tomatoes and sweet potatoes.

    Dessert: A big bowl of dates, strawberries and all different types and sizes of easter eggs (strawberry, peppermint and cream filled, plain, large, small etc)

    After: Coffee, macaroons and petit fours and hot cross buns (it is Easter, after all!)

    I stuck by my mother's rules of always doing the dessert/petit fours plates first and also being finished with all the food preparation/cooking 30 mins before guests arrive, so I was to be found relaxing in the lounge room with a class of wine!

    And now it's over I'm sitting back on the lounge with the rest of the wine bottle trying to ignore all the dishes in the kitchen.....!


  3. I saw the below on your Twitter list on your there are story here??

    "Sometimes I hate being financially responsible/paranoid. But eh, I'm breathing easy at least. 1 day ago"