Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Flowers

I nearly forgot to mention that G surprised me with a pot of daffodils the other day.  He left them on the counter for me to notice, and at first I walked right past them trying to catch the light for a photo first.  I turned and said, "whoa!"

I love that G gets me flowers in pots.  I know some women love getting bouquets, but I love knowing I can plant these in our backyard and enjoy them time and again.  Currently he's armed me with yellow tulips, purple hyacinth, and now yellow daffodils.  Add to that my hydrangea that we will plant and my grandmama's peonies we're transfering here and the rose bush in our car (oh, and the apple tree we're planting from this fall) and my backyard is going to be an Eden!

The reason I first walked past them was in an attempt to use the light to photograph my little giveaway item!

I saw this in Target a while back and the bright green just made me smile.  On impulse I decided to get it for a giveaway.  The color really doesn't go in my kitchen, but I knew someone else might love it for it's color as well!  It's a Nordicware bundt cake pan, in a bright spring green.  I love making bundt cakes to bring to get togethers or for tea in the winter.  And there really is so much you can do with one!  The winner will receive the cake pan, some recipes for cakes, and perhaps a surprise or two!  Open to everyone, since I'm doing the shipping.

To enter:

Please leave a comment with a cake you love to make. (or just eat)

For bonus entries, you can:

*Become a follower (or let me know if you already are)
*Twitter about the giveaway and let me know
*Post about the giveaway and let me know

Rules:  Only one entry for each category for each reader.  Giveaway ends on Wednesday April 14th at 11:59 p.m. EST.  Winner will be drawn on Thursday and notified by e-mail (so make sure you leave one if you don't blog yourself!).


  1. I love all cakes made in Bundt pans it was the only thing we baked cake in as a child. I miss making bundt cake, Casey won't get me a bundt pan says they are too expensive. My fav. is problem Lemon cake with a simple sugar icing.

  2. I love to get bouquets because I simply do not have a "green thumb" as it were. However, I agree it is so much nicer to be able to plant the flowers and enjoy them again.

    BTW: My favorite cake is a nice, dense chocolate cake drizzled with chocolate glaze :)

  3. I've never made a bundt cake. But my mom makes an awesome rum cake and always uses a bundt pan for it.

    I don't make a lot of cakes quite honestly... But one of my favorites is Jello Cake and I've become quite the artist, I can make a tye-dye one!

  4. Oh, and I think you already know that I follow your blog. I kind of feel bad entering this giveaway since I won the last one. :) (the soap is lovely! and I have made at least 12 lists on the pretty notepad)

  5. I love to make that white cake with the little color candies in it and put the frosting with the little candies in it on top. Makes me smile and feel like a kid! :)

    Right now I am excited to try to make an "Oh Toodles" (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) cake for my daughter's second birthday party!

  6. OMG! I love that green bundt pan. It would go so lovely in my green kitchen. *smiles* I make so many cakes, but one particular favorite of many seems to be my orange blossom bundt cake...glazed with cream cheese/orange blossom icing. It's quite yummy. You have such a lovely blog..naturally I shall follow. :)
    Hope life is wonderful in your corner of the world.

  7. The only thing I've made in a bundt pan is monkey bread. We didn't cook it long enough and ended up getting sick because we ate way too much and obviously, it wasn't cooked throughly.

    I would love to make some delicious chocolate/molten chocolate cake. Oozing with melted Chocolate and maybe some walnuts or almonds on top.

  8. Oooh I will most definitely start following your blog, AND I will post your giveaway on my twitter! (edliterary)

    My favorite cake is anything rich and chocolate! I really wanted to make monkey bread for Easter but I don't have a bundt pan! I have also never made a bundt cake but would love to start! I love green! Since we are currently looking at homes, I am open to possibilities when it comes to decorating my kitchen! :)

    Emily D

  9. Looks like I missed the deadline, but just in case... I love that bundt pan. The odd thing is that I went to a luncheon that they served bundt cake at yesterday and was thinking, "I *need* a bundt pan. And bright green is my new fave go-to punch of color :-)