Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What To Wear

To both a jazz thing and a hippy green thing?  I decided on a simple black cotton dress and my boots. 
Before Jazz:
Dress:  Old Navy
Tights:  TJMaxx
Boots:  Kenneth Cole Reaction
Cardigan:  Old Navy
Tote:  Old Navy
Sunglasses:  F21

And then onto the rally where outside it was hellishly hot!
I pulled my hair back, took the cardi off and handed the tote to G to carry around.
Cute, isn't he?  Ladies he even carried me in his arms so I wouldn't have to walk on the pebblestone sidewalk the last time we were in D.C.  (yes, we got some looks.  jealous of course.  Not that we're nuts! )


  1. Cute outfit! And so sweet of G to carry you!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE the outfit - both versions! U would have been very glamourous at the rally!!