Wednesday, April 21, 2010

With My Girls (photo heavy)

My best friend in the whole world Theresa got us a room at the Savoy Hotel in K.C.  It's really old, and while it needs a bit of work, the dining room, the front desk, they're all so......glamourous.  It's gorgeous really.  Our room had a sitting room with two tufted chairs, a t.v. coffee and then our bedroom was through double wooden doors with an antique dresser.  The bathroom had two awesome sinks, and a clawfoot tub!

The radiators in our Victorian suite looked like this!

Before heading to the hotel we went shopping.  She hardly goes shopping when I'm not home (how she survived 2 years while I was overseas I have no clue), so off we went for coffee, shopping and a girly good time.  Forever 21 had these wonderful things to offer (including what I call "the cupcake dress" which I am considering getting just for fun):

We met up with Mara at the power and light district to eat and drink the night away.  The Power and Light District in K.C. is a big place full of couches around outdoor fireplaces, clubs, bars, and a big open space to dance.
I have known these girls since my first days of college.  They are two of the most amazing women I know, and I always make sure to take time to see them when I am home.  Mara cleared her schedule to meet up with us, and Theresa drove in and we had a blast getting ready together.  I didn't have a sister growing up (they each have a sister, I am whoa jealous), but these two are as close to me as I imagine a sister would be.

Mara looking "tough."
Our night went like this:  Dinner at Gordon Biersch, where I had an ahi tuna salad that was delicious.  Then headed out and went to Howl at the Moon, a piano bar.  Stayed there most of the night, even fell and got a grapefruit sized bruise on my knee (sadly alcohol was not to blame, just my clumsiness).  Headed down to the open area and were picked up by a bachelor party to dance with the bachelor.  I don't do Ed Hardy or guys who give Mara a run for her money on shortness, so thank God I am married!  Had a good time, they were nice guys, and ended with me recording Mara dancing to Sweet Home Alabama, which she nearly killed me for once she realized what I was doing.

The drummer was a woman and she rocked!

Woke up around 9:30 the next morning and headed to breakfast.  Ate things like oysters rockefeller, lobster bisque, smoked salmon and caviar, and a yummy fruit plate that was made up of perfectly ripe strawberries, blackberries and raspberries.  It was like eating on the Titanic, the sun gorgeous through the stained glass windows.  We're planning on staying there again soon!

Fantastic time with amazing people, it was the most relaxing moment of my trip!


  1. That sounds amazing. I wish my friends and I could do something like that.

  2. Oh goodness. I had no idea about that hotel! I may have to check it out since I'm in KC again!