Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

This morning G awoke and decided to make us pancakes.  This was his first time ever making them by himself and though I thought about mutiny as he took forever and a day and I was starving, they turned out absolutely delicious!
Pancakes in Bed!
We called and wished both of our mamans a Happy Mother's Day.  Then we headed out to have coffee and read the Sunday paper.  It was nice to relax, and I even had an older woman strike up a conversation as we were fixing our coffee at Starbucks.  "No calories today," she said as she leaned in co-conspiratorally, "we're walking the mall after this."  I smiled and responded that I tell myself that every day.  We giggled like school girls, even though there was 50 years separating us in age.  I mentioned that we had moved from England this past year and that everywhere there we walked.  She said they had lived in Israel for 4 and that they hadn't owned a car, just walked or took the bus.  It was one of those moments on a beautiful day that I will probably remember forever.  

I picked up a new journal to start this new journey I'm on.  Then we headed out to the shopping center and window shopped all day long.  I now know I wear a 41 in Jimmy Choos and that Crate and Barrel people are over the top fake super friendly (it drove me batty to be followed around and continually asked if I was okay as I looked at their furniture section).  We picked up some metal cocktail picks for my martinis.  I had been using toothpicks before.  I know, classy, right?  We had a quick bowl of soup at the Nordstrom cafe (I really liked their sweet potato and jalepeno).  I fell in love with this David Yurman ring:

 (image from Neiman Marcus)

And after visiting Burberry we know which jacket we're picking up for G for this fall.  He looked good enough to be in an ad, and I'm picturing the grey suit ensemble we saw nearby with it as well.  (I failed to get a photo of the jacket, and since it's new I'm having trouble locating it.)
We also picked up the French version of The Rosetta Stone.  I'm hoping it's well worth it and G will soon be speaking French in our home.  And I'm looking forward to a refresher coarse and new language skills.  Essentially if we successfully finish the whole program we should be able to move to France without difficulty, language wise.

Then we picked up some items for dinner, and remembering we had a ton of leeks in the refrigerator I got to work.  I sauteed some leeks in butter with salt and pepper and they will go with our fish tomorrow.  I then looked up roasted leeks and found a recipe on Williams-Sonoma that worked beautifully (even though *gasp* I didn't have any white wine). 
That paired with some baby roma tomatoes, and French bread made a perfect main course to accompany our artichoke with lemon butter we ate beforehand.  It was a simple vegetarian meal that was extremely satisfying.  Happy Mother's Day everyone!

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