Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Canned Lunch?

This afternoon for lunch I decided to make a simple salad.  Tuna had been on sale at the store, we had needed some, and with the words "the best you can afford" and "quality over quantity" in my head I reached for the tuna that even on sale was over $1 a can.  It made me pause to think about qualms over a can of tuna, with it's healthy proteins and meal capabilities, but how I won't hesitate to pick G up a bottle of root beer because "it's only a dollar."  But that is a conversation for another day.  So I picked up a couple cans of tuna in olive oil. 
With red leaf lettuce, sliced onion and tomatoes from our CSA and the can of tuna (drained) with freshly cracked black pepper I had a delicious salad that really hit the spot.  Salads and soups are my go-to healthy, simple meals.  You can throw so many things into them, and they are light but satisfying. 


  1. Now that I am doing Weight Watchers AND eating seafood, I have been consuming more tuna. I will add just a drop of mayo to make it wet, and then add freshly shredded ginger and some wasabi powder. Totally fabulous on a salad, by itself, and I often use as a dip with veggies for a fun workday lunch.

  2. Your salad looks delicious Kalee. I do exactly the same as you, buy something junky without even thinking about it, then hesitate on a healthy food because of the price. Where are my priorities?

    I really like the sound of Allie's tuna combo above too. Yum!

  3. I spotted this salad on your blog a few days ago. It looked soooo good!

    This morning, I bought the ingredients at the grocery store and made one myself.

    Thanks for the inspiration!