Friday, July 9, 2010


(the publications, not the bullets)

So, in an effort to figure out who I was with less influence I quit getting magazine subscriptions (other than the free Martha Stewart one I got for buying the sewing machine I haven't touched since winter.  *ahem*).  I realized I had been flipping through magazines and buying into, um, everything.  So I quit.  I occasionally would pick up one if it had an article I was interested in, and was recently pleasantly surprised by the thinness of Vogue (I mean, the tomes used to weigh my bags down). 

Then, even more recently I stopped reading more than the occasional blog.  I realized I wasn't drawing inspiration as much as confusion.  I felt like I was losing my voice, my look, my interests in looking at all the trendy things out there.  I am now much better and have been slowly adding in blogs I loved and missed. 

But back to magazines.  So, I'm a girly girl.  There's no arguing that and telling me I need to expand my mind by reading TIME really isn't gonna get ya anywhere.  When I want news I read The Washington Post (and I do frequently, thanks).  But I want girly mags.  Not Playboy, I'm talking ones that tell me how to get those gorgeous loose waves in my hair.  Or ones that tell me how to do anything, like cook a semi-homemade dessert.  So what would you recommend?  Magazines can be expensive, so I'm looking for advice.  Are you an Allure girl?  Does Glamour make you smile?  Do the photos in Vogue make you want to paper your boudoir in them?  Let me know!  (and if you know of any amazing discounts, lemme know about that too!)


  1. I love magazine too! US weekly is a guilty pleasure, but for a girl mag I love Self-sure its health geared, but it also has fashion, cooking ect.

  2. I like Vogue for inspiration and when they get back to classic looks, it's so good. The only other one I like is Country Living, the exact opposite of Vogue, but I like it's down to earth decorating features. I cancelled my Martha Stewart subscription recently because they do that automatically renewing thing that I hate where they automatically charge your debit card. I'm leery of signing up for magazines because of this new thing they do about renewing.

  3. I love magazines and over the past year have stopped subscriptions on almost every magazine. Now all I get is Bust, Mothering, and Real Simple (and my mom gets us National Geographic each Christmas). Lately though I have been craving the girly mag. I think I will go back with Bazaar - it's one I usually adore month after month, and the one where I get the most style inspiration.

    I got Real Simple for $5 at Christmas; Amazon was having a $5 subscription deal. They had a ton of popular magazines available.

  4. I would survived with Glamour way back in the days when Laos didn't have much of anthing from the outside world, internet, blogs etc. So I'm so thankful for this little 'international' bookstore that secretly carried Glamour and Madamoiselle for a couple of years until the goverment banned them.
    The a couple of subscription I have is Bon Appetit which came free with some damaging at Sur La Table and Women's Day (a gift from my mil). That said, Glamour is my lead and then Shape. They have it all, fashion, health, travel and cooking and how to's. I just read them at the bookstore as they are like $10US here in Thailand!

  5. I don't actually subscribe to any magazines at the moment (they just pile up during the school year while I am too busy teaching and grading to read them, ends up feeling more like a to-do list than fun! Maybe in a few more years). But I know Amazon runs tons of great deals on magazines, you just have to watch for them. I have gotten ESPN the magazine, Oprah's magazine and a few others for people as gifts and stocking stuffers for $5/year! They don't only run it at Christmas though, they run them throughout the year. But you have to watch for them. Good luck!

  6. I'm with Kaycee. There are so many good things to read along with magazines, like books and blogs, that my magazines pile up mostly unread and start to taunt me. For me, blogs have replaced magazines.

    You are right though Kalee, if you read too many and varied blogs you can lose sight of your own focus. Sometimes you need to have a blog detox, empty your Google Reader and start again!