Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall Fashion

Oh My!  I am ever so pleased this fall, with the clothing choices.  I'm loving that the chunky knits (like sweater dresses) are still in, so I can finally pick one out.  But more so, I'm loving all the leather and lace.  As G always says I have my ladylike classics (lace) with my rock n roll (leather) halves.  And they pair so beautifully together I am thrilled for the season to start.
I finally caved and after lusting after the jacket for a year ordered the ladylike biker jacket from Jaeger.  It's been over a year, it's about half off of what it used to be and I'm crossing my fingers that I chose the right size and that I won't get charged out the rear on customs (since I had to have it shipped from England).  It should be here in the next two weeks and I'll let you know how that goes!

And tonight as we took advantage of ebates 15% back off of Gap, etc. to order some new jeans and sweaters for G we popped over to Old Navy and decided that for men, it's too college guy for G, but the ladies?  I picked up a couple lace trim camis for layering as well as splurged on a lace shirt to go over one.  ( I say splurged, it was less than $30)
I'm currently eyeing some frye flat black boots (since my foot is making the heeled ones difficult).  And I'm searching for a pair of leopard print flats.
 BP Flats from Nordstrom

Thanks to my grandmama I have plenty of faux pearls and costume jewelry to play with this fall.  I about squealed the other day when it was cool enough to break out the cashmere cardigan!  I am indeed so excited for one of my favorite months, a time when the air is crisp, there is hot apple cider to be drunk and pies to bake.  And leather and lace to wear.  What are your favorite pieces for this season?  Any items that have been begging to be brought out and worn?


  1. That jacket is yummy! I hope it arrives safely. I'm excited to get to wear my longer cardigans and jackets. I love duster length jackets. And it's too hot here for scarves in the summer so I'm excited to get to layer a little and throw on a scarf.

  2. I, too, want one of those long cardigans or a tie wrap. I hadn't thought about the leather and lace, but I think you have me thinking! I registered on ebates now it's time to shop!
    I think I want a knee high boot with a medium heel that I can wear with jeans. Hmmm...

  3. This summer I picked up a denim pencil skirt from Ann Taylor. I'm looking forward to wearing it with my knee-high boots, a nice fall top, and a corduroy jacket.

    Last year, at the end of the season, I picked up a pair of leopard flats, similar to the ones you're looking for. I'll have to get those out as well.

  4. Kalee, you look amazing in it! As for me, a couple of tailor tops would do me good and an 2' heels would definetly lift my spirit up, lol!