Monday, September 27, 2010


We socialized a lot this weekend.  There was a dinner party at our realtor's home.  She has an amazing place, with large decks on both the front and back of the house so she has some great views.  Her husband made lasagna, and with a delicious salad we all sat around eating and talking into the night.  One deck has a large table with chairs around it, and the other has a fuel pack fire pit (so no smoke) with outdoor sofa and chairs around it.  I spent time in both areas, chatting with the other lovely guests, including a woman who owns the hair salon that our realtor recommended to me. 

Sunday we had a brunch with a group we're a part of here.  It's a lively group, and we always have a great time.  Some of my favorite people were there, and we got to talking about the madness that is facebook, and how rude it is to make people stop speaking during a toast so that you can write it down to post on facebook.  We agreed it tends to be the type of people who are worried about how they are perceived and want to make sure everyone knows they're out there having a great time.  Only when you're more worried about making sure it looks like you have a social life you tend to not get invited back, so your social life begins to dwindle.  While I see benefits to social networking, I've noticed many times how annoying people are about keeping up with them, even including being rude to the people they're with.  I explained that while I blog there usually aren't any photos of weekends such as these because I'd rather live it than capture it. 

But what I did really realize this weekend is that this is what keeps me, and will continue to keep me, sane.  A fellow bruncher mentioned that when G is deployed I will definitely have to call them to hang out and get together to keep busy.  I agreed and thanked her.  I've worried about what I'll do, I'm toying with the idea of getting a job to help the time pass, but I think more than anything my social life is what will keep me sane.  I think I am fortunate in that I enjoy my own company and am okay with even dining out alone.  But it will be nice to have people to invite over for a dinner.

But speaking of dinner I have a beef, barley and mushroom veggie soup to get started on!  Loving the rainy weather!  We're planning on sitting down to some tea this afternoon and then having the yummy soup for dinner.  I love this time of year for the sense of snugness and coziness our home gets!


  1. How lucky you are to have good friends to sustain you when G has to be deployed.

  2. I agree about the SM thing. That is why I have put down my camera and started tweeting less when out. I want to live in the moment. I wish we lived closer, Ian and I would keep you company.

  3. Don't you hate when people are taking photos that you know are going to be posted on their facebook page with or without your permission? I was on facebook for two days before deleting my account. I thought it was strange and I still get pestered from friends to join it.