Saturday, November 13, 2010

Brief Pause

Well, the last few days I've been absent around here because G was home and we decided to go out and about and I kept putting off my next post, which is all about how to stock a pantry (including spice cabinet and freezer) so that you will never be Old Mother Hubbard with nothing to eat.  

But G very *generously* shared his cold and at the same time I got hit with something more flu related so I've been double whammied and have been in bed literally all day (with G generously taking care of me).  At this moment I just got a massage for my sore muscles and G went on an ice cream run for me (because suddenly something cold on my throat sounded delicious), so please don't think I'm here suffering too badly!

Hopefully tomorrow will come soon and bring a more perky Kalee (who can stand up and not have the room spin....seriously, it's been like a horrific hangover with no drinking).  If not I'm still planning to get the post up, even if I have to dictate and have G type.  So, hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, and we should be back to our normal programming tomorrow!

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