Friday, November 5, 2010

One Thing

It's late at night (about 1 a.m., actually).  I spent the evening cooking and then cleaning, and I drank 3 cups of coffee (after having an eggnog latte while meeting up with a new acquaintance/friend), so I'm a bit wired.  And it occurred to me that there if you only learn one thing this November on my blog while I discuss food I hope it is this:

You don't have to be perfect.

I mean this.  You don't even have to attempt perfection--- in fact I wouldn't recommend'll fail and then be disappointed.  You don't always have to eat the right things.  You don't have to instantly jump into cooking extravagant meals (in fact, start small and build).  You don't have to know what a dragon fruit is (I sure didn't).  Nor do you have to even care what a dragon fruit is.  You don't have to be perfect.

I hope this month aids you in your journey to eating healthier, more homecooked meals.  I am, after all, a lifestyle blogger, and this is my lifestyle.  But give yourself a break and realize that no one on this planet is perfect, so beating yourself up for not achieving that is ridiculous.  

That being said, if there is something you want to learn (a fancy way to do grilled cheese perhaps, Kaira?) or a question you want to ask, feel free.  I want this month to be educational and freeing because *gasp* sometimes I cook from a box.  Just thought I'd share.  I'm not perfect either, and I don't even try these days. 


  1. Hi, Kalee ( or Kate?)
    I've read and enjoyed your blog over the last few years, and I really feel that you've found your voice lately. Not to criticize your earlier work, but there's a new thoughtfulness and depth in your recent posts. Keep up the good work!

  2. Crunchycon, currently I'm still going by Kalee, for simplicities sake. And thank you! I'm being more in depth lately, allowing myself to speak passionately rather than quieting my own voice out of fear of ruffling feathers. Feel free to e-mail me to tell me more about yourself, I love hearing from long time readers!

  3. At least I cook from a jar and not from a box like you, jk:)

    I'm all for healthy homecook meals and it's possible. You're right not having to be perfect cus it's all about learning. My husband taught me how to use the measuring cups after we got married and started educating myselft how to cook differnt types of food. I love that you have this passion to tell others about it.

  4. Love this post Kalee. What you have said is so important.