Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Quite The Concept

A month or so ago I had lunch with a wonderful woman I've met through my brunching group here in Charm City.  She introduced me to some excellent Greek food here that I've since introduced G to.  But something she said at that lunch has really stuck with me.  She said she usually doesn't eat a large lunch because she doesn't move around a lot during the day (thereby doesn't use much energy).  It's such a simple concept, but one I thought I should discuss further.

I usually eat a small lunch by myself in the mid to late afternoon.  I have the luxury of sleeping in most days and when I first wake up food is not what I want.  I generally sip a couple glasses of water, maybe eat an apple, but that's it.  So I eat a later lunch than most.  Then dinner is later and generally larger.  I'm a night owl, so it makes sense to have more calories later when I'll be up baking, cleaning, whatever.

But as I try and cut of these last 25-30 lbs. I realize that I need to rethink not what I'm eating (because G and I agree I eat the right amount of food a day) but instead, when I am eating and how much I am eating at certain times.  I will be cutting back on eating a wee bit; not enough to even notice....I've been doing it the past week or so and really enjoying it.  I simply plate G's food and then plate my own, albeit a smaller portion.  But mainly I've been trying to wrap my head around the fact that lunch for both of us really needs to be the bigger meal, since I'm moving around the home more, and G has PT in the afternoons where he needs the energy.  Whereas dinner can be smaller/lighter such as a bowl of soup and a slice or two of bread.  Because lately I've been curling up with G reading more at night.  On the nights that I am busy cooking and cleaning I will make sure to have more caloric intake for energy.
So today for lunch I had 5 thick slices of sopressata sausage with a hunk of bread (larger than I would normally get) and an apple.  It doesn't sound like much, and I have spinach I can make into a salad in a bit for some more greens, but it's substantial calorie wise and gave me the energy I needed. (And for those wondering we're having homemade quiche with a spinach salad for dinner.)

Do you eat a later or earlier dinner is a great question to ask yourself.  The earlier you eat, the more time you'll need that energy boost.  Do you generally eat a snack in the afternoons?  G and I might have some tea and a tiny slice of cake, but we eat a later dinner.  I would generally advise against doing this if you eat an earlier dinner because you aren't as truly hungry when it comes time for dinner.  

Food is delicious, sensual, sumptuous.  I love food; I love to cook; I love to eat.  However, food is a source of energy for your day and that is a tres important thing to remember!  Something I remind myself of constantly is that I need to enjoy this particular moment, the flavors, the texture, let myself delight in my food.  But also that I can eat it again.  I think as a nation we've learned to starve ourselves with constant dieting that always fails as our starving bodies tell our minds, "No, don't stop eating, we need more, we could not get anything the next day!"  So please, think of food as a delicious energy source, but one that is renewable.  A mindset where you know you will eat later that day and don't stuff yourself full mindlessly. 


  1. I am on Weight Watchers. I eat a very small breakfast( 1 or 2 points). I eat a little bigger lunch. I save most of my points for dinner and for my 2 point ice cream treat. It's working for me even thought I know it isn't ideal.

  2. I love this post, it is a reminder to savor our food.