Monday, November 29, 2010

Share A Little

The best part of this season when it comes to food is being able to share items with others.  I love baking for G and his co-workers.  I love spreading the joy of the season!  Another piece I was given to review by DaySpring cards is from their Jesus Is The Gift line.  I chose a platter that has part of John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."  I know not all of my readers are Christian, but it's the Christmas season and I love that I'm able to be reminded as I prepare food for others.  
I love this platter.  It's huge, easy to clean (dishwasher safe) and microwave safe (if you have a big enough microwave, which thankfully I do!).  And it would hold at least 40-50 cookies easy, making it a great choice for get togethers with friends, at church, or for sandwiches on a picnic.  Oh, and it's currently on sale for $9.99!  
I used THIS recipe from  I tweaked it a bit because I was using the natural (refrigerated) peanut butter and realized I only had 1/2 a cup, so I did half peanut butter and half almond butter.  They turned out delicious!  I make all of my cookies small, just a little bit bigger round than an oreo, and I got about 50 cookies out of it! 

Giveaway!  DaySpring has offered up a gift code to one of my readers!  So to enter the giveaway to win a code for $20 towards anything at DaySpring cards please leave a comment telling me what you would choose if you won!

For extra entries (and please use a separate comment for each):

* Tell me what your favorite holiday treat to make and share is.  
* Become a public follower on google and let me know you have (or already are).
* Follow me on Twitter and let me know!

Giveaway ends on Sunday, December 5 at 11:59 p.m.  A winner will randomly be drawn and be notified by e-mail on the following Monday.

***Fine print:  I received this platter free to do a review.  I was not paid to do a good review, I just happen to like their products.  Shipping charges will also apply to the gift code, so keep that in mind when ordering. 


  1. Hi Kalee! First of all I totally love to bake and share :) PJ always asks why I take my baked goods to work with me... apparently is is not too good at sharing :) But it brings such joy to share cooking with others :) Now onto the gift code. I would love to get the Peace on Earth - 3 tile set :) It would look beautiful in my new home!I also love the By Grace Alone Pendant and the Tree of Life Pendant.

  2. I LOVE the Jesus is the Gift line of products! If I won your giveaway I would probably get three of the oval cookie plates (since they are on sale!) that way I could give two of them away as gifts this season. If I am feeling brave I might even bake a homemade treat to go on them when I give them away! I also really like the mugs in both red and white and those could easily be used as gifts! I love DaySpring!

  3. My favorite treat to make during the holiday season is usually oreo drops. They are called a lot of different things (a lot of people call them snowman poop) but in my family we have always called them Oreo drops. You crush up some oreos. Mix them with a stick of butter and a package of cream cheese. Roll them into small balls and chill. When chilled dip in melted white chocolate (or almond bark). They are easy to take places for family dinner or carry-in events at work!

  4. I am a follower on google...I am still amazed that I didn't know you could "follow" a blog until your last giveaway! The things I learn from you... :)

  5. This comment probably doesn't count...but I don't follow you on Twitter because I can't figure out how to use it and therefore don't have an account or anything. But...when you update your facebook status I get a text message telling me what it is...and sometimes that is the same as Twitter. haha! (I'm trying here cause I have big plans for those cookie plates!)

  6. I'm following you now! Thanks for the reminder :D

  7. I have that platter too and $10 is a STEAL for it! I love ours.

    I make peanut butter cookies - imagine that. I LOVE them.

    I think my mama's peanut butter fudge might be my favorite holiday treat because I've never had such good pb fudge - ever - anywhere. Seriously, even specialty fudge shops can't compare.

  8. I follow and subscribe to your blog too... because I loooooove you and your freak-show cooking! :D

  9. What a gorgeous plate! I love all the Dayspring products I have seen lately on blogs, but I have never tried their company. Fun giveaway!

    And I admire how you just alter a recipe at will. I know in an earlier post (sorry I haven't commented much lately - super busy, but I have been reading!) you were talking about the learning curve you went through when you were learning to cook, so how fun it must be for you now to have things turn out great when you try something new! And now I totally want a cookie! I love how they are nice and small too, just enough for a good taste. :)

  10. Whoops! I didn't read very well. For my earlier comment the product I would likely get is either this plate (LOVE) or the candle nativity scene (soooo gorgeous).

    For THIS comment my favorite Christmas treat is definitely Christmas Coffee cake. It's a recipe my mom got from my Great Aunt years and years ago and she would ONLY make it for Christmas morning - which made it such a treat! Even now that I have the recipe, we only make it for Christmas morning. :)