Tuesday, January 25, 2011


"To create is to go forth with your passion and make it visible." ~ Moi

In an effort to really ramp up my creativity, as well as make pretties for myself and my home I've decided to forcefully make myself make things.  Sounds painful, but in reality I think I'm really going to enjoy it.  To keep it simple and keep me from getting overwhelmed I figure I will set one simple goal that will snowball into much more creativity.
Tutorial here from Creative Little Daisy

Every month this year I am going to attempt to make one flower item.  I love flowers.  My H&M pin I keep on my green coat gets a compliment nearly every time I wear it. And usually I try to explain to the person that it's something that is really easy to recreate.  But they give me that look that tells me that they don't think it's as simple as I'm describing.  And since I've never made one myself I have to admit maybe it's not so easy.  But the tutorials make it seem that way, so I'm going to give it a whirl.
 Tutorial here at Billie Monster
I'm also going to make rolled flowers like the one Daily Chocolate made for the hairpin of hers I have.  I'm planning to add them to hair pins, brooches, t-shirts, headbands, bracelets, and even make a necklace out of a bunch of them.  
 Tutorial here at Mandipidy

I think they're pretty, a little more challenging, and will allow me to add some lovely accessories that keep with my romantic side.
Tutotial here at Mandipidy

I also would like to try making an "inspired by" flower pillow like the ones I see out at Pier One.  The kind where the whole front is one big flower, but also ones with little flowers on them too.  
 Tutorial here at V & Co.
 Tutorial here at Brassy Apple

And I have a table decoration idea that G says sounds nice.  I love a man who lets me decorate with flowers!  And I better get started soon....January is almost over!

*All images belong to their respective bloggers!  I am hoping mine turn out so well!


  1. I love the rolled flowers but with Ian crafting isn't really an option. So

  2. tese are all so awesome! let me know how they come out

  3. I really like the pillow from Brassy Apple. You're very blessed with crafting skills!

  4. Love the red flower cushion. I can imagine that at my place in creamy neutrals. Your goal is a great one. I've neglected my sewing lately although I've been doing the odd bit of knitting here and there. It feels so good to create.