Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Push Through

I used to be an exercise addict.  And I do mean that literally.  I can remember being caught in high school running around my room in circles and when my maman asked what on earth I was doing, I told her I couldn't sleep.  It was complete B.S. of course, had she caught me at another time she might have seen me lifting a marble pencil cup I have (I usually stuffed it with other heavy items) or doing jumping jacks.  And my gym teacher used to tell me not to push myself so hard on running.....because I would start to black out from lack of nutrition.  So in my years of effort to keep things healthier, I've actually been quite terrified of exercising too much, of getting too into it.  But with a running goal that is still looming large I'm pushing through the fear (and a nasty sinus issue) and going to attempt a 5K today on the treadmill, along with some distance on the elliptical and some stair stepping (so that someday I might achieve my dream of actually having a butt!). 

I think it's completely important to take down days.  Yesterday we literally did nothing but read, watched some t.v. and we even took an afternoon nap.  My sinus thing had just started, and after being go go go for the last couple of weeks we both needed a day of rest.  But today we slept in, we've had hot tea, and are gearing up to go to the gym.  After all, I have a little 5 lb goal to meet that I am hoping to achieve soon, because Sunday I picked up a nail polish for when I achieve it!  It may have been bought, but G has it and I don't get it until I make my goal.  

Let's face it, most people don't get excited by the idea of going to the gym.  Whether it's a cold, being tired or simply a lack of motivation you have to find ways to push through.  My goals have made that a little easier for me, and I'll be sharing this along the way.  Hopefully it might help motivate someone else to get out there and "just do it already!" (a phrase I tell myself.)    

*EDIT* I did my 5K plus some on the treadmill (I hit cool down and went to 3.41 miles).  So in order to have a nice even number I hit the elliptical and did another 1.59 miles for a total of 5 miles today!   In under and hour and a half I burned over 650 calories!  And the best part was I could have gone longer on the elliptical but G (bless his heart) usually doesn't do them and was dying.  I'm feeling like today was a great day!

*EDIT EDIT*  I totally forgot to mention (and I think it's really healthy that I completely forgot this) that before working out today I was already down 2.5 lbs.  That nail polish will be mine in no time!


  1. Good luck today with your 5K on the treadmill! Looking forward to hearing more about your fitness journey, and I hope your sinus trouble goes away. Bess

  2. Chris and I are going a 5k in March and so every other day we've been hitting the treadmill to run (and a lot of walking for me) 3.1 miles. I've been running at little bit more each time and chipping away at my time!

    I thought about you yesterday when you said you ran a whole mile! I can't make it that far yet!

  3. I am totally a fan of down days! I am recovering from being sick lately, and I have to remind myself that if I sleep from 8:30pm right through to 10:30am that my body needs it, and I should listen to it and take it easy - rather than thinking I am being lazy and forcing myself to get back to normal quicker.

    And congratulations on the 2.5 pounds! Halfway there! I can't wait to see the pictures of the nail polish!


  4. Even after I recovered from buliimia my recovery from exercise bulimia was MUCH slower. And I tend to think if a little is good then a lot is better. It is a dangerous area for me. I have to always watch for the ED that lives in my head that tells me that two hours on the treadmill might be a good thing. So I totally get you and understand your caution.

    Congrats to you on a very healthy exercise plan. And big congrats on being on the road to your nail polish. I am so happy for you!

  5. Oooh nail polish and other small items are actually a great encouragement. Maybe I should do something similar!

  6. Way to go on the healthy exercise plan and getting towards your nail polish, yay! Planning to have more butt on me too, it will be simple squats with weights:)