Sunday, January 16, 2011


Today was one of those days.  Where you just are and you're not self conscious and you love life.  Where you feel fulfilled.  We went to a brunch at one of our favorite places and while it was a surprising disappointment both food and service wise the conversation was great, and I just felt happy to be right there in that moment.

Then it was off shopping.  I picked up a nail color for my first 5 lbs (not met yet, I don't think, but G's to hold onto it for me), along with baubles, and an ink well taper holder (on clearance at Anthropologie), and a jacket at Ann Taylor that was $195.....I got it for $25!  It fits okay now, but it's a size 8 and will be much better in a couple months.  I've been avoiding shopping lately because I'm positive the weight is coming off so I don't want to buy anything that will be useless or have to be sized down in a couple months, nor do I want to buy anything too small and then stress about fitting into it.  But this I could get into and then get it zipped up so I figure it's fine, especially for such a simple cost.  

Then more coffee with G while we discussed the direction our home is going to go in.  It's a huge topic right now since a lot will be acquired while he's gone, and I want us to be in agreement so he doesn't come home and think, "Where did my home go?"  We discussed possibly buying a ladder to actually paint before he leaves, along with a bunch of huge projects we're undertaking, like possibly building our own bookcases instead of buying the IKEA ones.  And building a bed base to attach a tufted headboard to.  

A simple dinner, now going through boxes trying to get everything nice and tidy and calm.  And I for the first time in a while have a calm heart. 


  1. You know who has a very nice low-price tufted headboard? Target. Take a look. Don't want to discourage your DIY but they do have one that looks high-end at a low end price.
    Your day sounds lovely.xo

  2. The jacket sounds really nice - how about a photo? One for now and one in a few months to see how gorgeous you look then??