Saturday, February 26, 2011


Something G has been wanting to try is roasted marrow bones.  So last night I put together this recipe of marrow bones and parsley salad* to eat on some toasted french bread. 
We started with a salad of arugula with some sauteed parmesan (I took this really amazing aged parmesan we have and toasted it in a pan until it was slightly crisp and then broke it into pieces) and balsamic and olive oil. 
The main course was the marrow bones with a baked potato and a side of roasted asparagus with sauteed mushrooms.  Simple comfort food and it turned out to taste delicious!  This was the first time I tried pairing the mushrooms with the asparagus and both of us really enjoyed it.
The flavor of the marrow was delicious, and we felt naughty eating it.  It's half fat, but tasty and healthy for you.  A little goes a long way.  I would say that even eating two small bones we probably only consumed a Tbsp of fat each, which really isn't bad when you consider that it's the unsaturated kind.  (well, and there was more with the butter and olive was a high fat meal).  We paired it with a glass of bordeaux, which ended up being perfection.
Would you ever eat marrow? 

*I normally hate the flavor of parsley (it's something I'm working on), but this salad was to die for and I ate some by itself!


  1. Want to know how much I like marrow? I received as a gift( because the giver knew of my love of marrow) a solid silver marrow spoon from Tiffany's. Yep, I love me some marrow. Sadly I don't create many opportunities to use my magnificent marrow spoon. But I can tell you that I would use it on this AMAZING dinner you prepared. The salad looks GORGEOUS. At 5 a.m. in the morning you have made me drool. Thank you!

  2. There's a pho shop back in Laos that I would ask for an extra bowl of bones with marrow. The bones would boiled for a day for the pho broth. Oh so good! But haven't tried baked bone marrow before and it looks sumptious for sure, as usual:)

  3. This is five star all the way. I have never tasted marrow. What does it taste like?

    By the way, the presentation is beautiful.

  4. Not only would, but have, and would again. :)

  5. Your dinner looks amazing!! I think I will be trying bone marrow myself, your description made my mouth water!!

  6. This looks delicious! I love the salad, and I'm going to try lightly sauteeing some parmesan. I've broiled it before, but I like the idea of a quick pan fry.