Friday, March 18, 2011

More Sleep

Something that was often lacking while G was home (for both of us) was a good amount of sleep.  I'm naturally a night owl, so my schedule wasn't in tune with his and he sometimes got so little sleep it was harmful.  Now, I try and make sure he gets 7, from thousands of miles away.  Without me right there next to him (he feels guilty if he leaves me up, even though I can sleep in if I stay up late and he can't), he's more willing to go to bed when tired. 

I'm still trying to figure out a schedule.  For instance I stayed up late last night watching The Fighter, and went to bed early this morning.  I had to wake up by 6:30 to get the trash taken out and move the car for street cleaning.  But now, almost an hour later I'm winding back down and will be putting my eye mask on and going back to bed.  I won't set an alarm and I'll wake when my body feels it's time (or the dogs become irritable). 

More sleep is beneficial to mood as well as weight loss.  Going to bed can help you not eat late at night.  The reason you crave food late at night is because your body is exhausted and food is an energy, so you crave it to get more.  But if you go to bed, your body begins to work on healing and sleep gives you energy. 

I'm trying to implement getting at least 7 hours every night for myself.  Lately that means I go to bed earlier because I'm exhausted.  But, like today, it can also mean splitting up your sleep.  I just always try to sleep in increments of sleep cycles (approx. 1 1/2 hours).  So, 3 hours and then 3 hours.  Or 4 1/2 and then 3.

Getting a good amount of sleep is chic.....and wearing a silky eye mask to block out the light not only looks indulgent, it actually helps you get better sleep.  Does anyone else wear one to sleep?


  1. Became hooked on eye mask more than 3 years ago. I always keep a spare one at my mum's house, because one time I forgot to pack it and didn't get any sleep all weekend.

  2. I dont wear one but I always thought they looked so luxurious :) I value my sleep VERY much! I get at least 8 hours a night and wake up at 530 am feeling very refreshed and ready for my day. Plus our little man is a great sleeper so after i get an hour or 2 of mommy time after he goes down I am ready for bed too!

  3. I don't wear one but have always wanted to. =) Seems so glamorous to me!

  4. I used to have a cotton one that made my eyes itch all night so i stopped. But the sound of a silky one sounds really chic so i'm going to hunt for one and try it out :)

    xoxo Hermine