Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Cleaning Time

Oh my goodness, my life has been pure madness lately!  Between dealing with people, meetings, get togethers, and just trying to finish a book I'm exhausted.  I honestly spent most of yesterday sleeping, I had no energy.

But, in order to keep my mind off the fact that my husband has been gone nearly a month, I am getting into Spring cleaning.  The overhaul is gonna be huge, it will probably take me all of April and most of May as I sort, build shelving, and finish furniture, but I am thrilled to have all of it to do!

First up is my bedroom because it needs to be more of a sanctuary.  Clothes are going to a charity here in Charm City, and I'm going to steam clean the carpets (with dogs I think this is necessary).  My goal is to start making my bed every day, so it will be a habit by the time G returns.

I will be finishing organizing and painting the office and having a friend come help me build bookshelves.  Move the sofa, place the rug down and hang the picture frame that will eventually house the t.v.

Then it's on to the back bedroom which will eventually become a guest bedroom.  I need to completely clean it out first (it houses boxes once again).  And then it's on to painting and moving some furniture in there.  Eventually our antique full size bed will go in there.  Super narrow windows so I'm going to try my hand at making roman shades for them and hanging some curtains.  I want to get all of this done before my T comes out later this summer.

After that I'll be going into the hell that is the basement to box up and categorize everything.  What stays needs to be labeled since I'm going to be building shelving to go down there.  Our old kitchen table and chairs is going to be a work space down there, and I'm looking for a dresser to turn into a tool chest for G.

It sounds insane but my goal is to have the house as finished as possible before he returns.  I've got a lot on my plate, but I'm learning to balance it all out.  And my OCD tendencies are getting me excited to have everything in a nice and tidy place.  I have a long list of planned purchases for the house that one by one will be bought, and soon this house will feel much more like home.  In fact, it already has begun to with my night routine of tidying and keeping my keys in a certain place.

Do you do Spring cleaning?  Any tips?

Oh, and have I mentioned the gorgeous weather?  Makes me want to picnic and fly kites!


  1. Definitely check out this blog: http://chezlarsson.typepad.com/myblog/
    Seriously this lady is like the next Martha Steward, or al least the Scandinavian version of Martha.
    Happy spring cleaning!
    I never have to do spring cleaning, Due to my highly developed sense of order and obsessions with cleanliness (more like a severe and cronic case of OCD), I keep the apartment clean and clutter free at all times.

  2. My weather report says, today: snow. Tomorrow: snow. Thurs: snow. Fri: you guessed it. Snow. Picnics and kites? Are we even in the same country? Sigh.

  3. I really, really want to spring clean and I have lots of little projects I'd like to tackle. However, I'm dealing with severe anemia and high blood pressure so my energy level is at basement level. Please do post about your progress, though, because it might inspire me to at least do a few extra household tasks. :)

  4. hey! I love Spring cleaning..I think getting rid of physical clutter helps get rid of mental clutter too. My reward to myself for cleaning all day (and seeing the difference after lol) is a beautiful flower or plant to set on my table.

    I finally updated my blog roll and added yours to the list :)

  5. I'm pretty orderly, but I do some tasks quarterly: wash the pillows, duvet, and throw rugs; wash the screens; take a toothbrush full of lemon oil and scrub the crevices of the wood furniture. It takes time, but your house just glows!

    Oh, I also clean out closets on a quarterly basis, too - including my non-OCD husband's.