Monday, April 18, 2011

Sanity Saved By Cake

My weekend has been a blur to the extent that I've had to realize I need to slow down a bit.  Yesterday morning it was heading to Sam's Club for their free weekend in the rain.  G was excited I got to go because I picked up 2 more 13.5 lb bags of baking soda (for cooking and cleaning) as well as a 24 pack of Mexican coca-cola.  Then I rushed down to base to fill up my gas tank and air up a tire.  That's where the fun began.

The air thing at the gas station didn't help.  A navy guy told me that the garage on base would be able to help me, so I headed there.  Only we don't live on base and it was raining and I was tired and I ended up getting lost and pulling off on the side of the road to have a good cry.  The cop who was behind me and had pulled off as well (for radar or what) never once came over to see if something was wrong.  I finally found the place and apparently I looked like a desperate enough case that they simply took my keys, pulled the car into the garage and checked and filled all my tires to perfect.  Then they nicely pulled it right up in front of the doors.  I think they'll be getting my $700 for new tires.

Then I drove home, dealt with the animals and then it was off to pick up berries and fresh cream to make whipped cream.  Only turns out that Trader Joe's no longer has heavy cream.  So canned whipped cream it was.  I headed over to my friend's home for a game night, cut up strawberries and she made me a cup of tea.  The night was fun, we ate a ton and laughed even more.  I went home late late, spoke to G and then headed to bed.

This morning I was dragging, my legs hurt from all the moving about I've been doing lately.  Made it to church where I nearly keeled over as we were reading the Passion because 15-20 minutes of standing still my legs were ready to revolt!  But then I rushed home, decided I had no time to rest and immediately launched into baking for the Seder dinner.  I mixed up the cake, put that in the oven and then began working on the bread.  While that was rising the first time, I mixed up some chocolate frosting.  Then I punched down the bread, rolled them into loaves and into bread pans they went for a second rising.  The cake came out, cooled and was frosted and then the bread went into oven.  I literally left the house with bread that hadn't been out of the oven more than 5 minutes, wrapped in a towel (G was chatting with me through most of all of this). 

Both the bread and the cake were huge hits, so I think I can officially claim the title of a "church lady."  The Seder dinner was fascinating and turned out wonderfully.  The kids who came were awesome (there's a newer woman at church whom I really like who has 2 great daughters.....they devoured my bread....I love bread eaters!).  The kids later went into the kitchen and dyed Easter eggs while us adults finished dessert and began cleaning.  I made it home about 6:30 and decided to take a nap!

So now I'm up.  Getting ready to eat a small bowl of soup (pushed on me by Sister Marie who I think thinks I am going to starve living by myself, but I forgive her since I was able to convince her to take 3 pieces of cake!).  It's been an entirely exhausting but worthwhile weekend that will be leading into a week that is similar.  Hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend as well!

*Now it's Monday and I'm off to prepare for a birthday meal with a friend.  Took photos of the chocolate cake from last night but unfortunately I can't find the connector cord, so that will have to be published later!


  1. I always end up crying when I have to put air in my tires too.

  2. Leavened bread for a Seder?

  3. I did some catching up on reading your blog today. I really enjoyed this post. I don't know why particularly, but I could just picture you doing all these things. My friend Will joked about starting a "housewife bootcamp" where he could teach people how to grow a garden, cook, throw dinner parties, etc... I immediately thought "oh wow, Kalee could do that for real!". Hope all is well!

  4. I knew there were other benefits to chocolate cake besides just tasting good. It seems to have mystical healing properties. I think I'll have some cake next week after Easter. :-)

  5. Rachel, I'm so glad I'm not alone!

    Jamie, the bread was for the dinner after. The meal was a ceremony we did at my church, following the traditions of the meal with unleavened bread. I'm Catholic.

    Tracy Leigh, I need that camp too! Maybe I could teach cooking.

    Rebekah, it really did have healing properties. Yes. Completely!

  6. It sound to me that you really need to slow down a bit and just allow yourself to be.
    I know it's hard that your hubby is away for so long but you can at least take some comfort in the fact thaat you get to communicate with him on daily basis and while looking at him even! That is an immense priviledge. When my boyfriend was doing bussines trips he didn't have a laptop with him or whatever so we relied on a quick under one minute phone call a day. Tht was agony.
    I'm not trying to make ou feel guilty I'm just trying (in a rather crude manner) to tell you to count your blessings.

  7. I'm glad to hear that Sedar went well and everything else despite you had to cry a good cry (I would too)over the tires. Hope you get some rest:)

  8. Ahh, that makes more sense then. The whole evening sounded like a neat experience (and your bread delicious).

    I am attending a Seder tonight and am tasked with bringing the dessert. I am also Catholic, although Jewish friends are hosting, so it must be kosher through and through. I was going to make a flourless chocolate cake, but apparently dairy and meat can't be served at the same meal... it's so complicated!

    Happy Easter to you, Kalee!