Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day of Indulgence

I rolled out of bed this morning and threw some clothes on (skinny jeans, navy tank, grey cardi, silver chains and leopard kitten heels). I made a point to try and do a bit more eyeliner (my favorite make-up item) and some taupe shadow (NARS Corfu) with lots of mascara.  I've been watching youtube videos like crazy, trying to learn to do some of my favorite looks.  Then it was off to the land of happy (a.k.a. the salon).

*Now, before we continue I think it should be noted that I apparently have no shame.  I found the whole process highly amusing and at one point was trying to figure out if I should whip out an eye pencil and draw a big mole on the side of my face because I was pretty sure that for a half hour I looked like something from the powdered days of France... you'll see.*

I went in at 1 and left at 4 and that alone is insane.  My next appointment is for a cut and color and I'm thinking that I'm going to be there a while.  I rolled up to the gate, beeped in, and then as soon as I entered the salon got some ice water and stalked the coffee percolator, waiting for my caffeine fix.  Made some coffee and settled in while Oriel mixed up the colors.  I went for a glaze base, then highlights and lowlights.  It's subtle, it looks natural, but a little less "cute" and a little more "badass."
Midway through. At one point he said I was like Lady Gaga to which I responded "that b**ch ain't got nothing on me."  There were also plenty of jokes about trying to hide from aliens.
I made this super weird expression. We dyed my eyebrows too (which I love because it really defined them and I think I like them for the first time in my life!)... hence wanting a mole.  I looked super pale with super dark hair and eyebrows.  Wish I knew how to photoshop better...
View from my cafe at lunch.  Love the Mount Vernon neighborhood.
Toulouse sausages, spiced lentils and grilled baguette with a parsley puree. 
Delicious berry tart.

Wait, what?  You wanted to see my hair?  Oh, sorry...
As you can see, it's not really as dark as the pics make it look.  Though it does look dark in person, nothing too drastic.  
Super shiny and had very little body thanks to how sleek the whole process made it.  We also put moroccan oil in it, and I bought some (holy moley it's expensive!) to use at home.  My hair felt so much like silk I kept running my hands through it.  And my lovely stylist spent the time kind of instructing me on how to dry it to get my bangs trained and to get some more fluff.  I'm going to be trying to make some sexy waves in it this weekend to see how that goes.  It's still long enough for a chignon and a ponytail for the heat.  

I'm in love with the color.  I'm even more in love with my eyebrows.  This was exactly what I needed when I'm feeling so frumpy.  Next on the list is going through my wardrobe, switching seasons out and re-visiting my Planned Purchases Database.  I really feel the need to hunt down the motorcycle boots soon.  Because my hair finally looks like "me."


  1. Love, love, love it!!!


  2. I LOVE your hair! It looks beautiful!

  3. What a sexy prego mama you are!!! Love love!!!!

  4. Great hair! The color and the texture are awesome!

    (as for the fridge wine rack... it's something that appeared in the last 2 years. I don't know if it's something italian only, but all new fridges are made like that - and I love it!)

  5. It's beautiful, the shine just jumps off the screen!

  6. Very nice! I, too, describe salons as "places of happy".